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So i'm looking to get new tie-rods (ends or whole rod kit) for the Beam front end.   It's a complete take-off beam from below the equator.. with disc brake spindles and the spring torsion adjusters -- so Ghia type beam?  Looking on websites & there are pre and post  '68 versions.   I'm guessing with the disc spindles, I go with post '68, but looking for a little confirmation from the experts.  anyone know the difference?


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Go with the post 1968 version.

Prior to 1968 the front end was different with king pins instead of ball joints.  1969 and after were ball joint front ends and the tie rod studs are, IIRC, are slightly larger (don't quote me on that).

The passenger side tie rod end is different, with a mounting hole and grommet for the steering damper.

Tie rod ends are the same for all type 1 1968.5 - 1979; Sedan, Ghia or Super Bug.

Try to find German, Spanish or Brazilian.

I guess I needed to do more research before posing the question.  Found this   Choosing The Correct Tie Rod Ends for VWs With Ball Joint Spindles from SoCal imports...  so I guess I just need to measure the hole in the spindles and pitman arm where the tie-rods connect.  Betting on the 12mm versions because of the disc brake spindles, but it could be a mismatch as well since I don't know what year the pitman arm came from, it looks like this one (68-77 bug & Ghia)Pitman Arm

and the spindles looks like this one (’68-’77 Bug & Ghia)


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