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I guess your thread where I posted an answer to your questions was deleted.

Here is what was on that thread:

I would venture to say your wheels are 4-bolt mangels. 4 -bolt wheels typically have 8 slots/holes and the hubcap sits on top of the wheel surface.


5-bolts wheels (commonly referred to as wide-5's) have 10 slots/holes and the hubcap sits more flushed with the wheel surface.

Wide 5

There are many sources for these hubcaps, but try this link for more info...

I hope you find this information useful. Tough crowd on SOC.


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  • MangleWheel
  • Wide 5
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So post a photo of the wheel with missing cap.  I think the wide five rims with the clips are more forgiving for using replica hub caps.  The 4 bolt rims are fussier in holding the caps on.  On some caps the edges have to be slightly bent or the nubs on rims ground off a bit.  SOCal has both early and later caps available. 

Years ago someone here (Annalise) reported they bought a new VS and on the way home from VS they lost 3 of the 4 hub caps!

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