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I have an '07 Vintage built on a '68 chassis with body-colored steel wheels with baby moon hubcaps. I lost a hubcap and am having a hard time finding a replacement. I contacted Vintage Motor cars and they have gone to a 5 lug wheel for all cars. They don't support older 4 lug wheels or caps. More phone calls helped me determine that I have aftermarket wheels, so the caps are probably manufacturer specific. The wheels have a raised hubcap ring with 4 nubs on the outside of the ring to fit the cap over. Any suggestions on where to go next?

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They are stock VW 4 lug Beetle moon hubcaps.  VW number should be 311.601.151 or EMPI number 10-1060  

The problem is that the later the manufacture date of the wheels, the less defined the indents/nubs in the wheel are, making the hubcaps not hold as tightly as they once did.  In addition, the quality of the hubcaps decreased and the wheel "nubs" will dent the hubcap mains it even worse.  So... one tip is that after you get the hubcap onto the wheel, turn it a 1/4 turn and it'll have less chance of flying off.

@RocklinMike posted:

I didn’t mention that I have some hubcaps supposedly for 4 lug wheels, and they’re too small. I just ordered an Empi cap from CIP 1. I’m hoping…

Just a note here: they all seem like they are too small and looking at them, even today, I say "this isn't going to fit" and then they pop on.  They take a forceful "hit" to get them to clip, and you have to be VERY careful and do this as close to the edge as possible because they dent very easily, especially if you hit them out towards the middle.  

Additionally, we've taken some of the worst 4 lugs (in terms of the nubs) and Dremeled the back sides of them to add a little more return edge, which seemed to help a bunch.

You may want to post pics of your wheels, or note any markings on them.  Some are marked on the front lip, some on the back lip, which may help identify the source and any additional known issues...


If you have an older, Kirk-era VS, there is a long, painful story about hubcaps and why some fit on some wheels and others don't.

Basically, when Kirk was forced to transition from original Mangel wheels to the Chinese copies, the old caps didn't fit the new wheels and vice versa.

I remember ordering some nipple caps from SoCal and having to return them because they were just way too tight to fit the Chinese wheels.

Caps that did fit the Chinese wheels eventually found their way into the supply stream, but it can be near impossible figuring out which wheel or which cap you have.

I eventually switched out the Chinese wheels for some old Mangels and had to get all new caps.

I've posted this before, but it may help illustrate the installation process Carey explained:


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