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@chines1 posted:

I'm a fan of outlaws, but not a fan of this execution...  Looks like they tried to keep the flares small but wound up making them more pronounced than necessary in doing so.  IMHO they needed to be blended more subtly.

Agree the rear flares needed to be blended higher up into the quarter as we did years ago on this IM.IM top !


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@imperial posted:

Here is a "famous' movie Speedster ,  flares were added by the Prop guy because they wanted it to look more "racy"

I like the flares they did on the "King of The Mountain" car. Other ones, not so much.

I don't even like factory 911 RS flares or "turbo/ turbo look" flares. To me, the narrow body is the way it should be. I like the extra tire under there, just not the flares.

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@IaM-Ray posted:

IM with the pie cuts is the solution to more meat under the rear without a doubt.

You can say that again! First one I saw was La Bomba of Howard. Absolutely spot-on perfect pie cuts, by Henry! You can only tell if the standard and pie-cut cars are parked right next to each other. But the lines of the car are not disturbed by Henry's cut. It still looks "right".

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