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Hello all...first post.  

I'm happy to do my own research but I've used the search function and to be honest the results weren't I turn to you.

I'm in the Vancouver area so its great to see here on the forum that IM is a respected builder.  20 years ago I popped into the shop and Henry tossed me the keys to his baby blue roadster and told me to "check it out".  Now, at a time when I can finally afford one and I'm actually ready to buy, I find out they are no longer taking orders .  So, the used market it is (which is probably better for my wallet anyway).  I'm in the market for a Speedster.  My questions for the forum members are;

  1. Can you point me to threads which will be helpful that perhaps the search function didn't provide for me?
  2. Are there any model years of IM that are better than others?  (I know they went to tubular frame as opposed to pan based builds but I don't know when this was).
  3. As I'm in Canada, are there other vendors I should consider?
  4. Best options to consider?
  5. Best engines?  (I'm hoping for a 2.3 and I don't want a subie...been there/done that with my Vanagon and it ruined the experience...its aircooled and carbs or nothing for me!!)
  6. Any other advisement?

Take care and stay safe everyone,


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Your best option is to look for some used Intermeccanicas here in Canada.  I believe IMs can be imported from the U.S. if they are 15 years old or older.  The same for other Speedster makes.  IM went to a tube frame in 1986.

As for one year or model being better than another, that is all personal preference from my perspective.  IM changed from having a set build approach, to building a speedster to the customer's wishes.  So, there is a lot of variety out there, if you can find a good used one.  I say good, because not all owners cared for their cars as they should.

At this point, you will be looking at used IMs with a variety of engines, options, etc. and it's just up to you what you can find.  There should be a few used speedsters running around the Vancouver area that you can have a look at, and that might give you a better idea what you are looking for.

Of course, it all depends on what IMs come up for sale these days.  Do a good Google search and you will find some for sale.

There is an Intermeccanica FB page - it's not very active, but owners do post their cars for sale there.

Actually Vintage Motorcar out of CA is very well respected.  Vintage (can't remember if it's Motorcars or Speedster) out of AZ was not so good and recently filed for bankruptcy.  The similar names confused a number of folks.

Not to be pedantic, but…

Vintage Motorcars (with an “s”) of Hawaiian Gardens, CA is Greg Leech, which has a great reputation  

Vintage Motorcar (no “s”) of Scottsdale, AZ is the company that just went under.

Clear as mud, but there it is.

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