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Greetings Fellow Speedster Owners!

My name is Steve from just outside of Detroit, and I’m a Newbie.  Well, kind of, but not really.  I’ve been a member for many years but just sort of silently lurking about off-and-on. I went to Carlisle in 2004 and probably met some of you there.

I don’t think I ever posted anything so I thought I would introduce myself.  You will probably be seeing some posts from me in the near future as I reengage with my Speedster project after 30 years (yikes!).  Every year my car buddies would ask “When are you going to finish that?”  I would jokingly answer “I’m saving it for a retirement project.”  Well, turns out that’s what it is.  Here’s what I got:

I have a CMC Speedster Californian kit that I bought in 1990 (see attached pictures from delivery day).  I had it mounted to a new MetalCraft chassis with a Rhino trans.  I built, and installed (but never fired) a 1776 long block which came out of a ’73 Super Beetle that I had (my first car at 16), and I have a blow-thru turbo kit from CB Performance. Besides finishing up the powertrain, I still have the wiring, interior, and windshield (nervous) to do.   I think I have all the pieces to put this baby together, it’s just a matter of finding them.  I’m going to spend the next several weeks locating and inventorying everything.

I thank you all in advance for being patient with my questions  (I’ll try my best to search the forums first) and for providing encouragement as I try to avoid Decision Paralyses and Fatigue.

Wish me luck!

-Steve “313Speedster”


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Yeah, but Greg bought his way back in 1988 and has been working diligently on it, every day, ever since.    🙄

Greg will also be thrilled to see another Whale Tail Californian - Probably the second one we’ve ever seen on here.  🤩  (Truth be told, I considered one for a while, but gave up on it when I couldn’t get a reasonable “deal” on it from my overly pushy CMC sales guy.)

Windshields are easy and both Alan Merklin and I can help when you get there.  You’ll have lots of challenges on other things way before you get to the windshield, believe me.  Just take it in little steps, one step at a time.

BTW, I started mine while I was still working full time, but finally had the time to really “Git R Dun” once I retired, and then I had it done in a couple of months.

Yup, Nov 1988 CMC classic delivered to No VA.  Already had '71 bug pan shortened and rebuilt.  Got divorced, remarried, son born, job promotion -- Fast forward to 2003 retired from DoD, took beltway bandit consulting job, retired, sold house (long list of procrastinated TO DO's) and moved to NW FL 2013.  Now car sits in new barn 45 miles inland - no electric (ok generator) or water yet.  So life gets in the way!  I thought son would help so he could drive it to high school.  No interest - tried teaching him MT - ran my Yota pickup into bushes.

Recently just sold (Jan) planned retirement property on Chesapeake bay (not planning to return to VA).  Currently selling beach front condo in FL (bad renters and increasing costs related to hurricanes).  The . . .

Long project list - the Speedster (sat so long i may have to re-rebuild engine) and get new tires again!  To Do - wiring, interior (chg from red to tan), install top/tonneau.  So honestly just 40 more hours! Have Dolphin Mod-T dune buggy to get on road.  Itch scratched with new Masda Miata/MX-5 - Zoom-Zoom! Want to build hurricane get away log cabin or container home on Baker 12 acre farm property.

Mike and I had a competition - I motivated him to finish his.  Now he is modifying his.  It is a challenge to finish especially with years rapidly going by.  Might be looking for a dozen strong SOCer to bury me in it!

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