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Hi everyone, I've been lurking in the background for a few months taking in all the great topics. My father started his project back in '92 with one from CMC, he got it to a point where it's completely road worthy minus some interior finishes and a few exterior blemishes that came from CMC. He's gotten older and hasn't done much with it so I offered to take the car and finish what he started. Plus, I wanted to keep it in the family. I’m in the Seattle area so hopefully there’s one or two of you out here as well?
I’ve been doing a ton of research on this site and wow, there’s a lot of info out there.
i have recently worked on finishing the door panels and would like to start the dash trim.
looking forward to this journey.


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It's gorgeous (and who doesn't love a red Speedster)!  And yes, Welcome to the Madness!  Do you know what size the engine is?  How high does it rev with power?  Swingaxle or independent rear suspension (irs)?  Drums or discs?                                    Basically- tell us all about your dad's little treasure... Al

PS- I'm just north of the 49th, in Vancouver.

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