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Not mine.  A love it or hate it car.  I'm under dog fan.  I'd have to repaint it GULF livery colors right off and trash the single port for a T4.  Add a few rear cameras and good-sized dash CRT.  Has to be tuned loud snakey exhaust! (Most seem to be chopped off and not have the rear lower panel???) :: VW Classifieds - Porsche 917 Lazer


1957 CMC Classic Speedster

    in Ft Walton Beach, FL

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Says it all, without even once mentioning how incredibly ugly the “Laser 917” thing really was/is, or how impractically difficult they are to get in and out of what amounts to a poorly ventilated green house.  

One of those things was languishing, unrecognized, in my town, but succumbed to a garage fire that converted it to a pile of ash. I can’t think of a better fate for such an abomination.

I realize I own and love a car that other people sometimes view in a manner not unlike how I look at the abominations @WOLFGANG apparently loves.

The difference (at least to me) are two:

1) My car is faster than the original, and better in every substantive way. The cars that Wolfgang loves are not. They're an order of magnitude slower and worse from a performance standpoint. A Superformance GT40 or Cobra is stupid-cool. I'm not a fan of the Fiero/Ferrari or the Chrysler Sebring/Bentley replicas because they are far worse than the originals. Putting this car in the same discussion with a Porsche 917 is so silly it shouldn't warrant a comment (and yet, here we are again - commenting).

2) The CMC "359" and this Laser "917" look like a Porsche 959 and a Porsche 917 in the same way that weak instant coffee tastes like espresso - which is to say, they don't. They look like blow-molded plastic versions or unlicensed Chinese knockoffs. They're bad in a way that's hard to overstate.

I know this is a replica website, and I know this is a big tent - but to say that I hate these cars is weak-sauce compared to how I really feel about them.

They're bad in every possible way.


When I see one of these things, I spend more time thinking about just who is buying them than about the pieces themselves.

And then I think about the people who created them, who knew that if they did someone would just have to have one.

And then I think about the whole parallel universe where those makers and those buyers exist.

And then I think that maybe this is what got Schrödinger thinking about that whole cat thing.


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