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@Wrenn Smith posted:

I'm curious how the transaxle connects to the yamaha engine case...  can't tell in the photos..   I thought these were split cases that included the transmission housing in the case?

Looks like it’s an enclosed chain, like most MC to Car swaps. (AFAIK, the Hyabusa -> Smart swaps don’t even enclose the chain. It’s basically a shifter kart set-up)


Basically just a modernized Formula 3.


Check out Tiff’s explanation at 03:45:


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So top gear video 'splains it..  Yamaha gearbox is still used and chain drives he transaxle which then handles the Hi/Lo ranges and reverse..  so does that mean you have 5 reverse gears?

so when we would run the 24hrs LeMall autocross course (yes back in the 80's SCCA ran a 24hr autocross at the former site of Eastland Mall, Charlotte, NC)  in actual 'reverse' this would have been so much more.  And as we know "More is More"  (S.Galat)

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