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55D437F1-D530-4E9E-809B-C09434FEA810B37A0C45-E653-47CB-94B0-33C822B60B304B261FE4-D679-43AF-B71F-09534DD88E51BCFF3929-190B-410E-92C6-BB5FAF4CBADBDA7C908D-0FFB-4195-A97B-0C9E9E4E02E41717ADA7-8F24-4C1F-80FD-8AD6EBB53F1C352016F3-DE87-49A7-A8C1-3B9B381EB63AB849AD51-4FE3-47FC-AE84-978BB19390D8DC767485-0B4C-418F-933D-DADF0AE3A793I went to the one on Mare Island this year, well…just the air cooled day. I did not go back the next day for air and water.
My take away from the show?  You can see Jeff Zwart’s influence. A majority of the cars were positioned for that perfect combination of Porsche and perfect backdrop for that particular Porsche. Mare Island was a large shipbuilding facility in WWII, cranking out Liberty ships faster than Model T’s (ok, that may be a bit of an embellishment, but you get the point). The large factory buildings and surrounding ship cranes remain essentially untouched in the past 75+ years.
Porsche cars were displayed indoors and out. The audience was left on their own accord to discover the cars. The length of the display easily covered 1-mile. In speaking with some after the show, they discovered they didn’t see half the cars, stopping at what they thought was the end. Or failing to journey through various alleyways which lead to another display of some type.  
Some parts of the show took on the appearance of a normal cars and coffee. With 100 or so Porsches all parked in spaces. But that was only a fraction of the show in its totality.
That day still maintains my high water mark for the year in step count.


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I had signed up for taking my Subaru powered mid engine , replica Coupe to Luftgekuhlt 2024

They contacted me today to say that they would not allow me to bring my replica and were refunding my entry money.

Learning Curve , I guess.......My enthusiasm for Porsche did not measure up to their

"standards"..   Oh, Well....... Next.......

@Chris Kleber, KitMan Motors  they don’t want to be outshine with your creation 🤙👍

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