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For a while, Mark's articles were not online, but I found them again. He really knows his stuff as far as Webers are concerned. The jetting, tuning and transition info is applicable to you Dellorto fans as well.

He doesn't take any carb work any more, but this information is priceless as far as I'm concerned. Between Mark and John Connelly at they've got it all covered.


2016 Vintage Spyder 2165 type1 EFI/Dry Sumped

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@Sacto Mitch posted:

Danny's link also has some other articles about tearing the carbs down for cleaning, setting floats, etc., with 8x10 glossy photos - with circles, arrows, and a paragraph on the back of each one.

... explaining what the circles and the arrows meant.

The Arlo Guthrie reference was not lost on me, and brought a smile to my face this morning.

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