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I'm afraid that I can't be of much help.  I don't know of any Beck cars getting registered in Mass in the last couple of years but Carey would know.  They have to register as a "1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica" and there are some hoops to jump through but the rules, and how they are interpreted, keep changing.  Sometimes people whistle right through the process and other times there are a few more hurdles - It depends on the Registry office and people you use and whether your car is pan or frame based.

I have attached the process that was still valid, last I knew, for a frame-based car.  Some people have deviated from this a bit and still got registered - I'll have to check what recent info I have on it, but see the attachment below.

@essjayarr you would be much better off talking with @chines1 Carey Hines at Beck about what they're going through in helping their customers from Massachusetts.  It has become a bit involved for frame based cars.


Work Phone:  ‭(574) 546-4656‬

I'm over near Worcester, used to register mine as a 1969 VW convertible using the original VW VIN # but 5 years ago I converted to a pan-based replica registration.  The registration and inspection process wasn't too bad, just time consuming but I don't know how much of that process is applicable to you.

What I DO know, is that if your engine was built before 2007 (and you can document that), the entire process is much easier.


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Thanks guys.
I was just at Special Edition a few weeks ago. Carey and I talked a bit about the subject. He does not think it will be a problem when the time comes.

I also have the info from the link you posted.

I’m just trying to get ahead of the game and considering if I should be getting all my car buddy, contacts on the lookout for a suitable “crush car”!

I have a Subaru turbo powered Meyers Manxter which is emissions exempt. It went thru the Mass. system in 2006 by the Mass. builder. But it is on a VW pan and was given a Mass. generated VIN.

I’ll be sure to add to this thread should I learn more  facts.


Earlier, I provided the process for registering a frame-based car here and mentioned that it made a big difference when the car, and especially the engine, was built.

Built before 2007  on a VW pan or tube frame, use the "Mass Registration PAN" file attached, written by me:  

Built after 2007 use the "Mass Registration Frame" file attached written by Prarit Bhargava.   This should only be used as a last resort.

Please be aware that some of these procedures have changed in the past few years as MANY people building Hot Rods and other replica cars have vehemently complained about the process so it has been getting easier.

The process for a pan car is attached.


From July:

Like Gordon suggested, I would drop an email to Carey and see what the current situation is. States and the feds are coming up with all sorts of new hoops to jump wrt home built, replica, and restored cars.

Like I’ve posted before, I’m relatively lucky to be in Utah, where they’ll title pretty much anything as anything you want, as long as you ask the right person. My early Spyder is titled as a 1955 Beck Special Construction. Which is handy because they just changed the law for vintage vehicles here because so many people were using “Classic Vehicles” as daily drivers to skirt emissions. Previously, I had a FL title listing it as a 1996 Beck. Cars built after 1980 still have to pass emissions now, even with classic plates.

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A few years ago, I had the chance to buy a used IM from a former member who lived in Conn. It was a few years old, but I knew the owner and followed him and his IM on a caravan to Carlisle one year.

The car was just what I wanted, and I would have kept it forever. A few years later, John passed (sadly) and the car was for sale at a very good price. I called people at the Ma. Registry of Motor Vehicles and talked to the person who knew the most about how to legally register a frame based car in "The Peoples Commonwealth of Massachusetts". If I remember correctly, I would have to find a pre-1973 car that had been registered and running, crush it and use the emissions deferment to register the IM.  If you see a pre-1973 car that's running, it's probably at a car show.

As I said, it was a few years ago , and I hope the regs have changed. A Beck car, and I've seen many, is a really quality vehicle, and if you get it on the road you will not be disappointed.

Long story short, I bought a nice used Porsche and put money in my pocket.

I called the MAC phone number today. A nice woman helped me connect with a MAC location near me. She took my phone number and said she would have a MAC agent call me. Within 15-20 minutes I got a call back! The guy was awesome! Very patient and thorough with describing the best process. He was very familiar with the actual process first hand. His office and my home are both within 20 mins of Factory Five. He has put cars through the process.

In a nutshell, it is pretty much as @Al Gallo states. For me buying a turnkey Speedster from Beck here are the key must dos.

Have the Speedster inpected and issued a Mass VIN through the State Police. Register the car then have a Mass inspection which it will fail with a reject sticker due to emissions. You can drive it for 60 days at this point.

Finally a ‘73 or earlier crush car is the best option, unless all the emissions is retained from the donor drivetrain, fuel tank to gear ratios. Of course this route could be attempted prior to defaulting to a crush car.

A crush car is best registered in your own name, but title jumping is allowed at this point. So, you can buy a crush car, insure it, register it and let it sit in your yard for 1 year then cancel the reg after that time. It is not required to be running or pass a state inspection. You then have 5 years to process it as the designated crush car for your forever emissions exemption.

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