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Bring-A-Trailer accepted my Speedster several weeks ago and  informed me this morning that they are approximately 1 week away from assigning an auction manager to my Aquamarine Vintage Motorcars of California built Speedster and beginning the auction.
I didn't think I was allowed to sell it before the auction started so I asked them.
They replied that I can if I do it BEFORE they assign it to an auction manager!
So if you want it for $70k you can have it now and avoid the 5% BAT commission.
I'm making this same offer to several people who have expressed interest in it as well as posting it on my website.
If you are interested you need to let me know ASAP.
My price is firm at $70k.


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With my Aquamarine  blue Vintage Motorcars of California Inc. built Speedster nearing a  Bring-A-Trailer auction Go Live, I thought it might be useful to compile a list of the 14 VMC built Speedsters that have been auctioned on BAT during 2023 for comparison purposes. Click the link below for details on all 13 of these beautiful Speedsters, including images, key features, sale results and links to the auction comments.

                            2023 Bring-A-Trailer Vintage Motorcars Auctions

This is the link to details, pictures and videos of my VMC which is available now or will be available in just a few days on the BAT auction site.

            My Aquamarine Vintage Motorcars of California Built Speedster

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@LeadPedal posted:

Yeah, I’d contact BAT to make sure they don’t bookend two similar cars for auction at the same time. Here is the car mentioned by WNGD

My experience is that you don't tell BAT what to do, BAT does what it wants!  Yes, I've seen it and it's a nice looking car, but doesn't have IRS suspension or and under-the-dash e-brake.  Also appears there might be some importing back in to the USA issues and possible title issues.  There are already some discussions about importing problems.

They tell me mine is scheduled to start next week.  Mine has IRS suspension, an under-the-dash e-brake and is still under the VMC factory warranty!

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BAT has informed me that my Vintage Motorcars Speedster auction will be live this week.  I suspect they will wait until the Auratium Green car auction ends.

I've sweetened the deal on my car here is a list of everything included:

356 Speedster replica built by Vintage Motorcars of California Inc. in 2023.
Summer car shows are in full swing and there is no need to wait for up to 2 years to have one built when you can have a new one in your garage now!!!

This Speedster is a classic beauty!
Aquamarine Blue
Oxblood Red Katzkin Interior
Charcoal German Square Weave Carpet
Black Top, Side Curtains & Top Tonneau Cover
Under the Dash Parking Brake
Ivory Knobs
Porsche Crested Seat Belts
Porsche Emblems, rear & dash
Speedster & Reutter Badges
Vintage Speed Quick Shifter
3.44 transmission
Vintage 190 Silver Powder Coated Wide 5 Wheels
Heated Seats
Retro Radio with Bluetooth
Speakers Under the Dash
Left and right side mirrors door mounted
Carpeted Trunk
Baby Moon Hubcaps
Porsche Crested Tire Valve Stem Caps
4 Wheel Disk Brakes
IRS Rear Suspension
Momo 195/65 R15 Tires
145HP 2332cc Pat Downs Engine
Dual Kadron Carbs
External Oil Cooler
Electronic Ignition
Bosche Key Switch
Coco Mats
CruZin Windows for Top Down Driving
Clean California Title 1972 VW
*Two Steering Wheels*
Derrington Style Steering Wheel
Ivory Banjo Steering Wheel
Porsche Crested Horn Button
*for both steering wheels*
Set of 4 Nipple Hubcaps with Porsche Crests
*very rare crests with Porsche at top unlike most others*
Driving Lights with Harness
Set of 4 Bumper Guards
Luggage Rack
*black powder coated to match top and tonneau*
Leather Luggage Straps
Vintage Suitcase
*with or without retro travel labels your choice*
Set of Black Leather Hood Straps
Mesh Headlight Stone Guards
3 Engine Grill Badges

You can visit my website to see all the pictures and videos and my contact information if you would like to call and discuss.


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