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hello all! first off - a very large thank you to this forum and community!

i first joined waaaaaay back in 2007 and by the long route - starting a family, moving to / from switzerland, and (the real clincher) my wife and daughter buying their horses - i was finally able to put in my order for a beck speedster in january 2021!

all the while, i logged in to follow the conversation here - you helped keep the dream alive!

so, still early on in the build, but my inspiration was this triple black canepa 356.

my build is pretty straight forward: beck turnkey w/ a subaru EJ25 engine. keeping it clean on the inside with the standard VDO gauges, starter button, 12 volt plug, and 4 speaker out of sight audio.

exterior chrome tips on the exhaust and wipers, aero mirrors, louvered engine bay hood, chrome front / rear bumpers, beehives, and LED lights. it'll have heated seats and heater core to extend my driving season some (illinois weather). wide 5 vintage 190 aluminum wheels.

still thinking through other odds and ends - steering wheel and shifter for one. door cards. headlights. etc.

i could not be happier and more comfortable in working with carey and special edition. such great people. character counts. great cars. excellent build quality.

you all let me follow along with your builds - and gave me the confidence to take the leap! let me know your thoughts if i am missing something, should think through alternate selections, or have general thoughts. all appreciated!

i'll post pics as my bit of madness evolves!  (o.\_|_/.o)

many thanks again! m



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Yes I just ordered a similar car May of this year. Mine will be a Conv D. I am really interested in seeing the new speedster built with the new chassis, suspension etc. I think it will a little different setup than Lane’s 356 C. Obviously the speedsters will have rear engine and I believe the rear suspension will be different from Lane’s car. I’m trying not to think about it too much since it’s 2+ years away but I would really like to see a speedster with the new pieces. My Conv D will be the same car with exception of taller windshield and some other stuff.

Thank you all! Yep, absolutely, I'll post shots of my build as they come through ~ when the chassis is complete, I plan on a trip to Bremen, so certainly more pictures to come!

Lane, absolutely correct - this 356 will be on the new chassis with the 3:88 r&p upgrade and suspension. Carey tells me that they have redesigned the dash as well - so since I have heat, I am looking forward to seeing that new look as well.

Joe, you're speedster is awesome! Really incredible color and interior - incredible build. I will  absolutely take you up on the offer for a visit. I'll send you a PM and set up a date and time. I would love to go over my build sheet and get your thoughts.


So great to have this forum and really appreciate the support and passion!

Such a wonderful day! No ... it wasn't delivery day - but darn near something as perfect: Visit Special Edition Day! :-)

A huge thank you to Brad Weis and Carey Hines at Special Edition, Inc. and the entire crew for letting me visit and gawk in wonder a bit at the magic they make out of laminate, metal, oil, ingenuity and hard work! A candy land and dream factory rolled into one!

I am midway(ish) through my build and couldn't be more inspired and excited - but for now, just so grateful and happy to be working with folks that are true masters of the art with the trustworthy character to boot!

The Madness may be maddening - but it is certainly punctuated with good people, craftsmanship, and - thanks to you all here - good camaraderie!



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