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The supplier actually recommends gluing it on with a specified glue. But, I was concerned about glue leaking out beyond the edges of the emblem and others have successfully used their peel-and-stick adhesive.

I just tried putting some C-clamps on the ends. I put tongue depressors on the emblem ends. the clamps are on an angle so the edge is on the emblem.  I hope there is no damage under the tongue depressors.

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I am a little dismayed that the ends are lifting up.  I didn't try to bend it into a curve before sticking it on. It bent to fit the curve and initially, the ends stuck. later they lifted up. There is a gap of about 1/32".

How comfy do you feel learning a new skill? Check out some of those videos in the metal shaping thread. What you need to do is tap it with a leather mallet on a bead bag.

Those laser-cut double sided tape things are pretty cool, but expensive. OTOH, the trick to using 3M emblem adhesive is having some Q-tips and solvent handy. (Can’t remember now if it’s acetone or alcohol) My trick it to apply it to the emblem, then use one of those lint-free electronics wipes to dab it out to a thin uniform layer before sticking it on. Then wipe up anything that squishes out with the Qtip.

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It is hard to get the whole emblem to make contact. Right now only the ends are touching. Foam adhesive would compensate for that somewhat.

Also, I am not sure how strong the grip is.  I wiped the area with Dupli-Color Grease & Wax Remover. I don't know if that removes the spray on ceramic stuff I used.

At one point when it was the ends that were not touching, I put a clamp on one end and the emblem popped off.

I am going to a  C&C tomorrow. I am a little worried that the emblem may fall off if I hit a bump.

One issue might be the ceramic spray I put on the car. It is really, really slippery. I mentioned earlier that I used Dupli-Color Grease & Wax Remover but that may not cut it. I am going to try to contact the spray manufacturer.

I called Adhesive Templates. They no longer apply their stuff to the emblem, just mail it. He was surprised to hear that they had done it for me in the past.

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