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I have been making some progress on my DIY Vintage Motorcars speedster kit. I wanted to share a bit of info.

I had ordered a few different shift couplers, and none of them seemed a very good quality. The Cb Perf. was bent out of the package, and the HD EMPI looked not much better. Until I had ordered one made by “Latest Rage”. It had a nice finish, thick material, nothing was pressed together, urethane bushings and durable hardware. For under $30 ! I shortened my shift rod and installed it today with my Vintage speed shifter. IT Feels great!
I have the pedals installed with the HD throttle cable, clutch cable, braking system and the transaxle complete. Once I get through some QC issues with my rear rotors/brakes, I’ll have a chassis to push around,  And a motor to start building. I’ll be cruising with you soon!

I’ll continue to post pics and updates on this thread. Holler if you have any recommendations or ideas! Thank you


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The state of the quality of replacement parts nowadays is so critical. On your particular case, few years ago you would just spring for the OEM VW/Audi replacement that was widely available and be done with it. Now for most parts we have to fish through a bunch of alternatives with varying prices and funnily enough, most suppliers or vendors don't want to tell you the origin of the part (have you noticed that?). I strongly suspect most come from the usual suspects (Chynnnaaa) but are rebranded to escape scrutiny. The other alternative is to just go for the uber quality (and more expensive) ones manufactured by specialized suppliers such as CSP, Vintage Speed and the like and be done with it. After almost 20 years of ownership of my Speedster I am going through that with the brake master cylinder. The Indian Bietrix (never heard of that brand until I examined it closely) unit it came with from VS finally gave up the ghost and ended up buying a unit supplied by JP Dansk. As always the country of manufacture is undisclosed but the unit at least looks well made and the price from Parts Geek was very decent. I had tried to buy an German FTE unit for twice the money but the order was later cancelled because they ran out of stock.

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