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This evening started our 5th annual Napa Valley 750 vintage car rally. Tomorrow morning will be the first day of driving.
I’ll be sure to update this group with photos. “Sadly”, the only photos I took today are of a 275 4-cam Ferrari and a ‘65 cobra 427 (CSX 3031 I believe). I like to think this is our version of Ford v. Ferrari.



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Day 1 in the books. This was a coast run through the Napa Valley, out through the coastal redwoods along the Russian River. Then down the coastline and back east through the dairy farms and vineyards.

A few highlights. This was the longest drive my wife has done with me in the speedster since we purchased it over 7 years ago. And she enjoyed it!  The other highlight was following the 356c, driven by the 92 y/o original owner. And boy could he still drive it. It’s obvious his many years as a fighter pilot paid off in dividends by being able to drive that Porsche the way it was intended.

Great drive. Great cars. Great people and great food.



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Day 3 was the longest morning route. Coming in at 172 miles before stopping for lunch. It was comprised of technical s-curves and switchbacks as we drove over the side of Mt St Helena to the Clearlake plateau. From there we cascaded down along the cache creek, a road where the engineer must have been an automotive enthusiast. This road was a subtle downhill that twisted and turned next the the creek, within a ravine flanked by cliffs on each side. And each turn was banked to handle high speeds, err 55mph. This road terminates into almond and pistachio orchards, where we were greeted with a 5mi flat straight in the middle of no where. Once again, begging the cars to be driven flat out (at the posted speed limit of course). I was passed by a blur of a D-type Jaguar that no doubt thought it was on the Mulsanne straight. I had our professional photographer in the car with me. Given the route, I couldn’t take any pics or videos while driving. But the photographer got some amazing shots as we either passed cars or they passed me. Grins were all around for sure. While I didn’t take many photos of the drive, I managed to take some from our lunch and dinner destinations.
Every dinner is held at a winery in Napa Valley. The first was at Merryvale, the second night at Chappellet, and today was at Round Pond.



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Last “photo dump”.
In the past four days, my waistline certainly expanded. But my core and arms bulked up as well from throwing the car into the curves.  Four straight days of driving the speedster 180 miles each day on rugged curving roads makes me really begin to realize just how boring it is to drive cars with automatic transmissions. You really become one with the car, responding to its noises, it’s smells, and the feel.
I only have a 1915cc in the back with a 4-speed. And while that may have major shortcomings with the 12-cylinder Ferraris in the straights, it handles its own through the mountains. It appears it’s all about timing.
At the end of each rally, there’s a farewell dinner at the hosting hotel. Each year 2-4 cars are selected to be the centerpiece. In the past, the 275GTB/4, the Emory Special, the 911 Carrera RS, D-Type and cobra have all been back there. This year, I was asked to put mine back there. With the Carrera 2. I felt honored.


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