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I think Andrig has nice vision but is under financed. He was also working on a wishbone front suspension, but that project has stalled, because of finances.  I’d like to see him be successful, as the VW hobby can use some new blood.

Check this one out; it’s in Portuguese obviously coming from Brazil but it looks like a very interesting proposition. It adds rack and pinion steering as well:

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@Stan Galat posted:


Ideally, the A-arms on a wishbone suspension are unequal lengths. The arms on a iMohr (and Medeola, and Red-9) front end are all very nearly the same length.

THAT ^^^

You definitely want slight negative camber when at static ride height, cruising down the road(least rolling resistance). The slight negative camber is for turn-in bite. Especially on a VW beam, as there is ZERO camber change with suspension compression, so you want MORE than stock VW camber if you have sporting inclinations.

When cornering, desired suspension response changes. The outside tire needs to get more negative camber(under suspension compression) so it stays relatively flat as the body rolls.

The inside tire(under suspension extension) needs to get less negative as it extends, but not go positive. There isn't a whole lot of load on it anyway.

Unequal length control arms take care of all this by design.

@Impala I think what Ed is saying about the Andrig fan is if it is more efficient it could be slowed down. He's talking about a smaller crank pulley.

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