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My vacation is over and just got back in town. Before I left I had ordered one of Bruce's new add on mirrors and bracket that attaches to his wind wings. I found I needed a mirror for the passenger side of my car, after having it built without one on the passengers side.  This is a new item from Bruce and when he told me it would be ready soon, I ordered it. The install was very simple and only took a few minutes to complete. He offers a regular mirror or convex style. I chose the convex style for my car. Bruce, I think you have another winner............!




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Your Welcome Dave !  Another guy over in Arizona bought one also.  He just wanted a right hand, flat mirror without wind wings.  I been sorta waiting to see how he likes it with the flat mirror (not convex) and if it gives him enough field of view.

I played with one on another car and the driver said it worked for him as well.  I'm not fond of convex mirrors because of the depth perception  Maybe I should say it is depth preceptionless !  I like nice big flat mirrors but they aren't always practical and don't generally look good.......Bruce

Looks very nice, but I assume you have to remove them, along with the wind blockers (forgot what you call them), to put on side windows.  Probably not much of an issue on CA, but for those of us in rainier parts of the country it could be.

Hmmm...  There's gotta be a way to make that work.

There really isn't s problem with adding the side windows. The wings are movable and can be positioned out of the way or removed by 2 screws if needed. I went this route because I didn't want to drill any more holes in the car. I think it's light enough ........ lol. And you're right Lane, not much need for them out here in the west.

I only wish that Bruce had come up with this Idea sooner. I would have added the mirror to the driver side as well. The one mounted on my door is ok, just not as nice as Bruce's would have been. I know that not how Porsche did it, but I don't care. It goes right along with my outlaw look.

If anyone out there is building a car themselves this mirror system solves lots of things for you.

First........They don't require any holes to be drilled in the door or fenders.

Second......They position the mirrors in nearly the exact position spec'ed in old Porsche manuals.

Third.......A 4" round mirror is not intrusive in appearance and adequate in it's usefulness

Fourth.....They do not have to be removed when the side curtains are in use.

Fifth........They are mounted close in on a short arm to help reduce vibration and wiggling  thus reducing a blurred image.

Sixth........Convex mirrors are available for the Right side.

Seventh.......They are universally changeable from right to left and back again.


I received the second mirror and I ended up using the flat mirror on the driver's side and the convex on the passenger side. It's perfect. It's funny, the next time I get any body or paint work done on my car I'll probably have the existing mirrors mounted on the fenders, removed. You're mirrors are far superior and look cool too.

I could have swiveled them down closer to the top of doors but I think I like them better up higher. I might change it though after more miles.



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