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It's not the steering stops, guys. Yes, Spyders have them, it's a standard beam, just welded-in instead of bolted.

I have a Vintage, which is what a Seduction is.

Three things to fix this. Two are easy.

First, raise the ride height slightly(or lose weight!).

Secondly, get some aftermarket camber adjusters and have an alignment done. I run 1.5 degrees negative camber, not zero or -0.5 degrees as most do. Then adjust toe-in to about 1/16th or an 1/8th inch toe-IN. There are aftermarket adjusters that give you a wider range of adjustment than stock.

The third thing is to get a custom made front anti-sway bar. I made my own, I'm sorry commercially available bars don't fit the Spyder.

My car rubbed on the outside of the RF as your does at Lime Rock Park when I had a 275 pound instructor in the passenger seat. I'm 220 so a good amount of weight was lowering the car. Solo or with my 110 pound wife it NEVER rubs.

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The fourth thing you can do, replace the steel wheels with the Vintage 190 aluminum wheels. The 4.5' that we use up front have a slightly deeper offset, that'll push the tire in. They are also about 12lbs lighter each.


You will also need longer studs with these wheels.

I can still get the front right tire to rub in very hard left handers with a bump and a passenger, but the roads I drive are very twisty and not the smoothest.

BTW, I also have a Seduction Spyder. Where are you located?

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Does the Beck rub on the top of the fender arch?

The Vintages rub under the fender top on the outermost edge of the tire, usually from the car being a bit too low on ride height. Or too much heft driving(sitting in) them.

But yeah, I've considered hitting that area with a drum sander on a drill. And dialing in a little more negative camber

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No, but Greg Leach built all the frames and bodies. Then shipped them to Daniel Verwers for assembly. I called him an assembler rather than a builder, he got quite miffed. But the truth is the truth, they are all Vintage Spyders, just assembled in Arizona instead of California.

I built as much of my car as Daniel ever did, got a kit from Greg, twice. First one in 2002, second in 2016 after the first got totaled.

Call Greg and ask him, he knows how many cars he sent there. I would say 50 or so.

@GO550 posted:

Took the Spyder out today for a 250 mile drive and the right front tire rubbing issue has been fixed.

Man, that White/Tan sure is pretty.

I got mine out today for about 25 miles. Had to try out my new PCCA sticker and Beck horn button.


And yes, after all the advice I've given about using windex to apply stickers, I didn't follow it and got it on crooked. Luckily, they were 10/$1.


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