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i have a show this weekend and thought i'd lower the car some more (you know - for the shock factor i love.

first - the revised ride height:

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first some background:

my build inspiration:

i know him (sort of). we've talked several times. he lives in France and helped me with some parts / details. Frickin sweeeeeeet car he has.

so, i have a high rez picture he sent me printed and framed in my garage.

Now - on to pictures...

i also finally got around to mounting / balancing some new shoes for the car:

first the 'old' ones (which i still like A LOT):

and the new ones (i'd had a fetish for these phat whitewalls for quite some time):

i just mounted the one front and am waiting to get a full side shot when my wife's car leaves the garage.

i guess i am asking for opinions, but i am already thinking about running the wide whites for a while (say that three times). i can't believe how much these things tuck with my suspension!
Whitewalls and pastel colors are a classic early fifties look. I had a 57 ford asure blue and cream white. Whitewalls were the only way the car looked cool.

I'd call it a game plan and I like it on your car.. and don't forget the fuzzy dice hanging on the rear view mirror.. All this is in carerecter. for that era . I know exzactly what you were shooting for.. if yo have a barbershop quart somewhere close singing I might flinch and wonder if i went back in time..

Nastalga ya got a love it..
The VW in the 2nd picture looks IDENTICAL to my '59 which I drove for a few years in college. I think it was "Mignonette Green", and my girlfriend named it "Pickle". It's THE one car I would love to have back today.
And I think the new "shoes" are an interesting change-yours is THE one car here that has that original old-school look and "feel" to it. Very nice indeed. The hydraulics/pneumatics seem to be a new-school twist-but it works, and it works WELL.
Mango Dude -

I LIKE it slammed, and I like whitewalls. FWIW maybe for your ride, the smaller whitewalls would not be so overpowering on your car's appearance as the phat ones are. Also, maybe continue the look with fender skirts (like on the 53 VW vert below).

For additional visual reference I've included some pics from the 2011 VW Jamboree I went to this morning (Irvine, SoCal)...

Very COOL...

...Outlaw Rat Rod COOL...

...Uber COOL!!

well - good and bad.

i showed it this weekend and while i got a million compliments on both the car and wheels - they drive like a nightmare!

skinny biasply makes for one hell of a ride.

i was running ~25psi in my 185 wide yoko avid's. rode like a dream.

these wheels have ~30 psi and are marginally wider than my bicycle tire.

on another note - my engine has successfully finished the break-in period, so i decided not to totally baby it on the drive home.

ya. bicycle tire + 2.1L T4. i ended up driving like a little girl. LOL

I'll upload some pictures of the show. this combo is growing on me.
well - not bad for a first major show. it was a joint air and watercooled VW show for the pacific northwest / western canada. LOTS of wicked cars - including several magazine featured cars.

first in class and outstanding air-cooled (!)

my throat got sore from talking so much answering all the questions, so i ended up walking away from the car for a few hours. Met some super nice people (and a few wackos).

Lots of great feedback on the whitewalls, but the ride quality SUCKS. i'm going to switch back to the outlaw style in the next few days.

here are a few pics of the show:

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