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Set of 4 Airkewled 5 Lug Smoothie 7 x 17 Inch New Wheels & tires $1,200 !
New set of four - AIRKEWLED 5 Lug 205mm Smoothie 8 x 17 Inch Wheels -Part number 9001 Chrome centers with beige outer rim. Included are four chrome center caps with provision to change out the emblem.
These were ordered new, bolted up to a project car but neither the wheels or tires have hit the road....Tires still have info tags affixed to the tread surfaces. This package new from Airkewled for $4,100.00
I will secure to a pallet and deliver to a Fasten-all Store as they have the best shipping rates on your dime. .............$1,200 !
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