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Hello, I posted this on the Spyder classifieds, and wanted to post here too.

Aluminum Vintage 190 Wheels that have never been driven.  I purchased them from Vintage Motorcars a couple of years ago, with a custom "brushed aluminum" finish with a ceramic clear coat.

FRONT: Aluminum Wide-5 (5x205mm bolt pattern) - 15" x 4.5" wheel
REAR: Aluminum Wide-5 (5x205mm bolt pattern) - 15" x 5.5" wheel
Original price $1,716  (I have the original receipt)
SALE price:  $1,000 plus shipping OBO

More info Copied from Vintage motorcars website below:

The Vintage 190 is a high quality purpose built performance wheel in the 5×205 bolt pattern. Light weight aluminum to mimic original style vintage wheels for those that demand a better wheel than what is currently offered in an after market steel wheel. On average we have noticed a 10lb per wheel weight savings with the Vintage 190 wheel over the steel wheel.

Not only a beautiful wheel, but also a wheel with significant performance gains in braking and acceleration by reducing on average a total of 40lb of rotating mass. We are confident that there is no other performance wheel for the price point that will look or perform as well as the Vintage 190 5×205 wheel.


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