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I just saw this 550-Spyder replica listed on Ebay. Not sure what make it is but it is a body on VW pan build with the engine in the rear instead of Mid-engine setup as normally seen. I don't like it but thought I would share it and see if anyone had any info. on this. 1955 Porsche Spyder | eBay

Ebay Spyder


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And those pictures are the flattering ones!  It just had strange proportions since it was on a full size VW pan.  It was BIG (6'4" and 300+ pounds).  Supposedly Dan Blocker drove/had a Perry D.  Yup, Hoss Cartwright (Dan Blocker) from Bonanza.  He and "brother" Adam (Parnell Roberts) from the Western series were racing partners.  Called Dan Blocker Motor Racing.  Owned various cars - ELVA, Genie, and drove a fast V8 Austin Healey  (surely not a Sprite!) along with a '66 Chevell SS396 Z16.  Adam had a Corvette (Chevy was the shows psponsor!)

Somehow a clause in his acting contract pushed him out of auto racing and into power boat racing! Blocker died at 42 from surgery complications!  I had a picture of him in a Perry D - but can't find it.

Racing Through The Shadows - DAN BLOCKER? JOHN CANNON? AND A ...

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