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Hey guys so i am almost done with the engine swap.  Work has kept me from it but back to the grind.  So it seems like i have an oil sending unit and an oil sensor as well. If i use the oil sending unit do i have to use the sensor as well. From my understanding the sending unit is for the light on the dash and the sensor is for an oil pressure gauge which i don't have.  and if i do need it can i just screw it into one of the existing oil sending units?  

oil sending unit pic below. engine has 2

oil sensor


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The unit below the distributor is an oil pressure sending unit, which operates an oil pressure light.  The unit at the bottom of the engine is an oil temperature sensor that activates the oil temp gauge found in the fuel and oil temp gauge cluster.

I'm not sure about the gizmo in you hand, but  it appears to be a sending unit for an oil pressure gauge, which you don't need if you intend to operate only an oil pressure light.


You're right on the first two, Jason.

First pic is indeed a temp sender, they are available still and are custom for the dual-relief case on the pulley end. There is a spring and an oil control piston above the sender which MUST be there.

Second pic is what I call an idiot light sender, it is a pressure based switch, I think the switch closes under 8-10 psi, illuminating the dash light.

The third sender that's in your hand looks to me like a VDO temp sender.

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