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It will depend on the shifter you have installed in your car.  Early VWs ( and our toys) came in three thread patterns:

Beetle 1952 – 61Manual Gearbox10mm x 1.50
Beetle 1962 – 67Manual Gearbox7mm x 1.0
Beetle 1968 – 79Manual Gearbox12mm x 1.50

- if you have a Vintage Speed shifter ( not to be mistaken with a Vintage Speedster or Vintage Motors car), depending on the age of the shifter, if older it will be a 12mm x1.5, if more recent it will be a 10mm x1.5.  ( side note, Vintage Motors does instal Vintage Speed shifters in many (if not all) of their recent builds, I believe, I love their builds by the way ).

- early Bus knobs are also 10mm x 1.50.

if I recall, Pre A and A Porsche speedster shift levers are 10 mm x 1.5mm  and are sold in black, grey, and ivory by Stoddard, NLA, Sierra a Madre. Attached pictures of both, well loved samples.


some early speedsters/spyders also came with the beetle/bus looking knob in 10mm x1.50. Pictured below. Can be found at Cip1 or any VW retailer.


Some of us have installed other Porsche style ones… like shoes, this is one of those taste and feel specific items.

attached a couple samples… all in 10mm x1.50:


early 911 style;P1010076P1010077image1
also available in piano black.IMG_0455

If you can't measure the shifter shaft thread diameter, take the knob down to your local  hardware store and try threading in bolts into the sample plates they tend to have to determine sizing/what fits.  It will likely be one of the three sizes referenced above.   With that information, let your shopping for new knobs begin. ;-)

Hope this helps…

And…. Welcome to the madness!


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My experience with his son is that he explained that he sold most of the inventory to a vendor somewhere. He still has a few of his dad’s pieces he will sell but is slow to respond. I eventually got mine and I love it, but overall it’s difficult to recommend him. It’s too bad he is gone because Gary was a true artist.



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Gary Cimino <> wrote:
Your car is beautiful!!!  I always loved the 356 look.  Its just a classy looking car and got that Steve McQueen Hollywood era feel to it.  Very nice!!
And thank you! It really is a beautiful knob.  
Id say that the burl knobs generally coordinate well, with their naturally lighter or darker sections.  
With the red exterior, your wood steering wheel and interior tone I think it will tie everything together and look great in your car!  And if you dont like it I can always exchange for another.
I can do $75 + shipping for this knob. (Comes with a cleaning cloth)  
Generally shipping is around $8-$15+ depending on your location and if your in the continental US.  

I post that message with the warning that it took Nick (Gary's son) a full month after payment and some rather serious nagging to get him to ship.  He did eventually ship though and the knob is excellent.  When he glued the insert in, he didn't do a good job, so I had to clean that up, but the knob itself is excellent.  At least the glue job was straight but there was messy glue all around the bottom that took some clever rework to take off.  I don't know of anyone, however, who makes a knob as good as Gary's, however, and I looked pretty thoroughly last year.

Good luck!

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@Stan Galat posted:

You could always epoxy a nut with the appropriate threads in an appropriately sized hole in the knob. Just an idea.

This is what I do when I make a knob. I usually epoxy in two nuts. I rough up the exterior of the nuts with a cut off wheel on an angle grinder by cutting slots. This will give the epoxy something to grip onto. I also use a well greased bolt with the same threads to hold the two nuts together and to push them down into the epoxy filled hole. You could also tape up the knob just in case the epoxy overflows.

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