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purchasing a speedster from VMC with a 2332 engine by Pat Downs. Plan to do most of the reg maintenance myself. I realize that Pat Downs customizes his engines but wondering if there there is a basis manual that can be used then apply the Pat Downs specifics to the tune ups and valve adjustments.  Bartlett manuual?


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Way back in the late 1970's, when I was a lowly project manager at Data General Mini-Computer Corp, one of the more talented tech writers wrote a "How-To" manual as a joke for our Systems Engineers lucky enough to be helping our customers run our Commercial Advanced Operating System (pronounced CHAOS).  

Here is a photo of the title page of my copy.  Zoom in and read the finer print, too, and you MicroCode and Software Weinies will get a kick out of the part number (fine print, center of page).  It was actually a very accurate and complete manual, but the reader couldn't stop laughing as they went from page to page.  

Who says Computer geeks don't have any fun?

CHAOS Manual

This is the same company that had a really good Employee Rock Band that did parodies of just about anything Data General-ish, but mostly made fun of the Sales force.  They called themselves "The Talking Propeller-Heads" and have a few videos up on Youtube.

Here's one of their videos.  "Ed" was our CEO, Ed DeCastro and "Herb" was Herb Richman, the VP of Sales, and they were our company founders.


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  • CHAOS Manual
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I use Muir and the orange Bentley. It doesn’t help with wiring. So far as I can tell we just have to figure it out.

I have found it to be a fun puzzle to figure out how to do things that don’t have easy solutions. How to get a CA yellow plate. How to relocate switches. How to make VW switches look like Porsche ones. How to make the front end less skittish. How to make mats that look more like 356 originals. How to get all of the LEDs to work. How to make period seatbelts without spending a ton. What to do about emblems. How to pack the frunk. What about Porsche keys. What octane is best. Why you should carry a fan belt and which one.  Why does the front end squeak.  What accessories match yellow taillights. What to do with gauges. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface so far.  You may find a few!  Let’s us all know…

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Years ago, when it was $29.99 I bought the blue Bentley(1966-69) manual. The reasoning was it covered the swing axle AND IRS transaxles, along with 6v and 12v electricals(no alternators, just generators).

I use it for specs, pictures, and general reference when rebuilding transaxles.

And of course, the ball joint front beam. As Stan states, not much else applies.

Arriving today(since I now need it for racing) is a factory VW 1200 manual(found on ebay for under $100). This will be useful for the engine stuff and especially the old king and link pin beam on my Formula Vee.

I'll also be ordering king pins, link pins, bushings, and an 18mm hand reamer. Took this stuff apart yesterday, FORCE and heat required.

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