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New to this forum... so hi!

I own a Graham McRae Porsche 550 Spyder. It’s in immaculate condition with the Porsche 914 engine. It was built by Graham and his business partner. 

I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to it’s value.?

I also know that there were 38 built, does anyone know where most of them are? There really seems to be no information or posts on Graham’s cars since 2012 or since he shut shop?






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This guy seems to be an expert. I've been leaning on his expertise and research pretty hard in my build. He says McRae took molds off a Beck and then corrected the rear fender shape to make his own molds, and made his own chassis. 

Since they are left hand drive, I'd imagine most are in NZ, Australia and maybe Japan?

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