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All badges should be official PORSCHE badges - Posche AG goes after folks infringing on their copyrights.  So they all have the studs for metal cars.  On a flat area like rear below engine it is easy to use the studs --- not so on the nose script.  The studs are not long enough to use the clips on inside without Dremel-ling the fiberglass thinner. Or you can secure with Super glue or clear silicon.  Or cut off studs and apply red 3M double sided sticky tape.  I used the studs.

There are some good threads here on mouting the emblems - like reversing drill direction.  Do a SEARCH.


Regarding the script over the license plate ( "Porsche"  over "1600 Super").

Mine were both mounted with the studs that were molded onto the script but one of the studs on the "1600 Super" script broke off---vibration, I guess.   I ordered an new one and it turned out to be a different finish that the first one on the car.  It was brighter and very "brassy" looking while my original "Porsche" one was a  more subdued gold tone --I guess from 10 years of polishing, or maybe it has always been like it is now ---so the replacement I got didn't match the old one.  Be sure both your scripts match as far as finish.  I like my original ones' finish much better than that brassy one I received..

I didn't want the stud mounting again because I had replaced it twice and didn't trust it so I simply glued it back on with Gorilla Glue using a very small amount so that none came out from under the script when I pressed it against the car.  I was hesitant to use this approach but went ahead and it look just great  and both scripts finish matches!  I lucked out and got the "1600" script absolutely level just like the top one but it would have been easy to screw it up and end up with it slanted---be careful!

On the Meister Schaffen badge---some that are sold are plastic---horrors!  Be sure you get the  metal ones!  (Right, Tom Blankenship?)

If anyone can use a brassy "1600 Super" scrpt with the studs cut off  (by me) you are welcome to it.

--Hope this helps someone out there!


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Thanks for all of the replies and guidance, everyone!  All very helpful!  Now, just a few follow ups:

1. Bill, why do you ask about scripts that don't match?  I think my biggest objection to the 'carrera' badge currently on the back is that it doesn't quite match the others.  The others look... well... as you'd expect them to, on most any Speedster.  Whereas the Carrera looks like a more dull matte painted gold.  If not for that, I'd probably keep it...

2. How do I check/ensure that a new 'Porsche' badge will be a close match for the others on the car (esp the '1600')?  I'm assuming new ones would; apart from the decade of aging. ??



" The rain tray is installed under the rear deck lid grill.  Why do we need this?"

Very common for rain to get thru after market air cleaner into carbs - more so at the annual Carlisle Kit Car event. Someone must have cut one off of TRP's  engine lid maybe to fit a large center carb, adapter and air cleaner.  Many d plastic, FG or carbon fiber carb hats for further protection.  Rain tray is better called a rain shield.

It's water coming end through the grill that is the problem.  It get diverted toward each carb and can go right through the air filter.  Several of us experienced that little "thrill" at the '08 Carlisle deluge.  Kelly Frazer's car got hydrolocked will sitting in the parking lot.  he had to pull the plugs and pump the water out by spinning the engine.  It took him a while to have it running properly again.

JMasonry posted:

Is there a good source for the Porsche badge, on the rear center of the car, above the license plate?  I believe VS sells all of the badges as a package; and I only need the one.  I want to replace the 'carerra' badge currently there...  Thanks!


Justin.   Post some pictures of your car.   Speedsters with a Carrera badge on the rear are not very common.   I've placed them on several of the cars I have had and I'm curious is you wound up with one of them. 

Absolutely, Troy.  Just shot these.  I doubt its one of yours.  My car spent most of its life in the South...

I'm intrigued by the badges.  If they were a closer match, I'd probably leave them.  But, I think you can see the problem in the photos.  Not obvious on a casual walkaround, but definitely noticeable to the OCD afflicted among us - i.e. me.  :-)  


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