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What, Hoss, a builder?  No it's not me.  I had lunch with a couple of fellows yesterday that are interested in assembling a team and building a Spyder.  The plan is to build it, sell it and donate the proceeds of the sale to the Child Advocacy Center here in East Tennessee. Very noble.  There are many talented people here in the village, but does this plan sound feasible?  

My concerns include but are not limited to the following:


1. Talent does not necessarily mean car-building talent.  The main guy has never built a car.

2. Would there really be any profit in this venture, especially somebody looking to buy and finding a car from an unknown builder?

3. What would be a good source for a kit?  He has looked at CCW so far.


Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



the Red Man guy from Loudon



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If it's their hobby and they enjoy working with cars, then go for it.  If intent is to make $, there are more profitable ventures.  Just price the kit and then compare to a finished "slightly used" car. You can buy a completed running Speedster for about the same as building from a kit.  Less Spyders out there  - but that means probably less potential buyers. I'd think a small whiskey still or building Amish sheds would be more profitable. 


DrClock (Alan) used to work on kit cars with youth at risk.  Profit was probably secondary to keeping them out of trouble, teaching them skills and building their confidence. Could they combine their interest with that twist?  Buy 5+ used Speedster kit cars and build in a big vacant warehouse. I could see local business support (donations) or even government funds for such an effort.

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We have thought about doing this and donating proceeds to Juvenile Diabetes... was thinking about building one for Barrett Jackson 2015 since we just missed Scottsdale, 2014 auction. If you are serious, email me at daniel@seductionmotorsports or on Facebook at


Not trying to advertise in this thread since we are a Spyder based company. Note to the moderators, we will be paying to advertise here shortly.

Hoss, with my extensive build experiences ( home shop and as a past shop teacher with...Youth Services Agency, I'll jump in here.

The only way to acquire a decent bottom line "profit" is to buy the right used car at the right price and rehab that with donated parts of heavily discounted purchases.  To dive in and obtain a kit (again unless donated or with a huge discount surely will result in little "after the build pocket jingle". Grants are a wonderful thing but most of the "Pork Barrel Funding" has dried up that is, unless you have a Senator able to write a letter attached to a Grant proposal.

I would be glad to discuss this further with you..... ~Alan

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