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@aircooled posted:

Thanks Gordon I looked them up and they were powder coat process using heat.  So my fiberglass part would get burned I guess.  As Lane says too.............Bruce

I would have thought a guy like you would be intimately familiar with powdercoating, Bruce.

I've been spraying powder on parts for years. Eastwood sells a home powdercoat system. The entire process involves electrostatic attraction - the powder in the gun is positively charged (electrically), and the piece to be powdered is grounded. The powder moves from the gun to the piece with some air pressure (albeit a very small amount), and sticks to the piece by means of static electricity, primarily. Once the layer of powder is on the piece, you move it into an oven where it melts out to a smooth and rock-hard finish.

It's a gillion times more durable than paint, but the piece has to be conducive and able to endure 350+ deg to work.

I'm pretty sure Gordon just missed that the air-cleaner was FG.

Stan....Nope......I've never tried to do my own powder coating but have had lots of it done on projects I worked on over the years.   It's the heat that would worry me if I tried to powder coat fiberglass.  Chico here in Arcadia has had a company out here powder coat  (chrome)  a DTM fan shroud and it came out well but it was a risky endeavor that came out ok.

Watching on you-tube, I see they lay a chemical soluble "carbon fiber" film over the surface of the water,  spray a solvent on it, and then dip the part. I'm hoping there is a chrome film like that but so far no luck.  I'll be calling a few more places this week.


I've used Alsa Corp's chrome paint and it is as close to chrome as I've ever seen.  It's a tedious and expensive process.  You have to paint and clear it black, buff it to a perfect shine and then do the chrome paint and their special high solids clear.  At least that was the process 10 years ago.  They might have more advanced products by now also.

dlearl476....The final top coats are acrylic or other. Since it's real silver it doesn't have the hard mirriorlike finish that real chrome plating over copper and nickel has. It is shiny and reflective like in the video but has the soft glow of polished silver.  For what I'm using it for, it will be perfect because I wanted a polished aluminum shine. When I'm at the shop I will ask them if they can make it highlighted by making the little nooks and crannies dark so it will look like an aluminum casting that's been polished.

I will know the price in the next few days after I take the air cleaner housing in to LA to the shop where they can look at it..................Bruce

      I forgot to mention that I have made only 6 of these air cleaners. One for me of course but the others are in VW Buses with Subaru engines. Those guys love this little accessory ! When you open the engine lid, he's staring at you, gasping for more air! Most of them have asked if I will make a cast aluminum version. Having done sand mold castings several times, It would be pretty expensive to make the plugs and patterns and not all foundries are set up to do such a short run. So the next best is fiberglass that looks like aluminum..........Bruce

@aircooled posted:

Since it's real silver it doesn't have the hard mirriorlike finish that real chrome plating over copper and nickel has.

Matisse used nickel plating for their frames. I was going to do my Ducati cafe racer with it, until the plating guy I used in Las Vegas got chased to TJ due to environmental concerns. It’s basically the same process except you omit the final chrome plating.


After bare magnesium and semi-polished aluminum. It’s probably my favorite finish  


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