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I'm replacing the mirror on my car with the race mirror with the fiberglass cowl...I have a pretty good idea the mirror should be placed front to back. My question is how "flat/level" should the housing be on the top of the fender? It seems the further to the outside of the car the mirror sits, the better the visibility is gonna be, but I obviously don't want it to look goofy. ie: should the housing be centered on the hump or should it hang a little to the outside of the car? Thanks again!!

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Matt has a Spyder, not a Speedster. The photo Gordon posted is WAY forward as well, but looks centered on the fender.

I've never seen a driver-side Spyder mirror with convex glass.

Mine is just a touch to the outboard side from the center of the ridge. You look THROUGH the lower corner of the windshield to see behind you. I have my registration and inspection stickers spaced so I can see.

The aero mirror looks pretty cool, but I have my head on a swivel and turn my head EVERY time. It is a small mirror and there is a huge blind area, not  just "spots". The mirror is just not as useful as you'd think. There really isn't a spot that will fix that.

I can measure and get back to you, Matt. Mine is where Greg and the boys at VMC put it. Same location as the one I installed myself on my first car.

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Matt McNeil Hey Matt, like you I was agonizing where to place the mirrors on my car.   After looking at many photos this is what IDSC_1738DSC_1738DSC_1738DSC_1740DSC_1741 came up with.  Mirriors are sitting on crest of the fenders.  I then made a template and flipped over for the passenger side. I didn't care for the gap on the bottom corners of the oval mirrors so I cut new mirrors to follow the curve of the fenders.( just my preferance.) Passenger side should really be a convex mirror as it is hard to use. Like DannyP mentioned you need to look over  your shoulder and double check before you make a lane change. Worth the effort when first consideration is how cool your car looks!(LOL)


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