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This is a conumdrum wrapped in riddle.

An original 1964 356 Coupe but outlawed so much only outlaws might like it. I love the engine but does it belong in a real 356? Personally, when you outlaw the car, why not? But, I'm trying to get past the (over) use of diamond tufted material, maybe if you re-did the dash, but then came the engine bay ahhhh! and the frunk put me over the way over AAHHHHH! Didn't make reserve ....


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Not seeing very much Outlaw !

I would not have done the diamond tuck with that color , black may have worked but then it is being sold in Florida ,

That motor probably has 2x the horsepower of a  good 1600cc 356 motor and  maybe 2x the cost ,

will be interesting where the price ends at , and I am sure there will be a lot more BAT haters  doing what they always do…..

Overall a cool car

PS:  the roll bar is going to hurt you real bad……

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The diamond pleating hurt it more than the Type 1 engine. Mainly because it's more of a hassle & expense to change.

Oh, you say, but a good running 616 engine is so much more spendy than an interior re-do!

Well... Maybe. But once in-hand the engine gets installed in an afternoon. Whereas the upholsterer will have that car in the shop for six weeks.

Meanwhile...the 2332 comes out and it's worth $5k or more. The tucked red leather? Not so much.


"...but then, it is being sold in Florida."

Yeah, the interior styling does show some regional influence.

In Texas, they probably would have fitted longhorns to the hood — but tastefully, of course.

This has to have been done by someone who was flipping the car for profit and not to own and drive. That often doesn't go well. Whoever did the, um, 'makeover' has probably spent more than a little time at SEMA shows.

They probably started with a car that needed a whole rebuild, inside and out, and maybe with no engine at all. What's the cheapest way to get something like that on the road and also make a splash in an online auction?

A lot of our local 356 folks keep a spare VW engine on the shelf and put it in when the real motor is being rebuilt. After driving a 2332 for a while, I could see someone not bothering with the rebuild. But since no 'numbers matching' engine was also offered with the sale, I'm going with my first hunch that the car was bought with no engine.

I think the diamond stitch accomplished exactly what it was intended to do. It got noticed. Without it, would we be saying much about the car here?


If I had a real 356 coupe, I'd put a VW engine in it right off the bat, then I'd drive the crap out of it.

I'm not sure what target this guy was aiming for, but I think he missed. The diamond tuck was taken way too far. Diamond tuck leather in the engine compartment, WOW. That's going to look like crap real soon. I liked what it looked like before he touched it.

As far as my car is concerned, I agree diamond tuck doesn't look right in a 50's German race car. The color I chose is understated. If it were another color I wouldn't have done it.

Daniel was all about fluff. There were a few things he did that were good, but many, that were pretty weak. I've been in the process of replacing all the weakness since the day I got it. That's part of the fun.

You all know I abhor the diamond tuck completely. The only reason I like it in Carlos' car is because the seats are the only place it exists. And honestly you can't see it when 2 people are in the car, right?

This auction car is just bad, worse, and awful all-in-one. It needs a tuck-ectomy! All around. Then the car would be mildly interesting.

I agree, it was a C-coupe without a motor. Then it got too much tacky.

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