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This past week has been really cold in New England, with daytime temps struggling to get into the low 30’s.  It warmed up a bit  today, so I got the Speedster out to give it some exercise and this was (I think) the latest in the year I have had her out in well over a decade - No salt brine on the roads yet!

It was fun to just bomb around for a while, right up until it got a little misty out and that turned into a light drizzle just as I was getting close to home.  I thought of the new wiper blades I installed last June and smiled as I turned the wiper knob on the dash.  The smile quickly vanished as the knob spun off the switch shaft and fell to the floor. ?!?!?

Luckily, the wipers were working ok and I just drove home.  Sorted it all out in the shop with the knob re-installed (and made stronger) and things are back to normal but, as I often say;

”It’s always Sumthin with these cars….”

Have a great Christmas, everyone!

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We have almost no snow on the ground at Lake Tahoe. Last year at this time we have over 10 feet. LA and the NW have been getting all the precipitation. They had record rainfall in LA last week with over 15 inches in some places. So far this is a typical El Niño year. We could get 10 feet in the next storm and then it will rain and flood all the rivers. The Ski Resorts are partially open with some natural and man made snow.

LOTS of humidity and fog in the Northeast.  We drove through pea-soup fog last night returning from my sister's place.  Crawled along at 20mph because you couldn't see anything.  Got Twenty-Somethings driving back home to North Carolina today - Five people in a Kia Telluride named "Tallulah" but they should be home ahead of the storms.  It's a car full of Engineers - Bio-Med, Mechanical (2), a Civil and a Music Promoter who looks like Sasquatch but pretends to be an Engineer to keep up.

Like Calvin and Hobbs, we're an interesting family.

The PNW is not getting much snow either with ski resorts only partially open,  but this unusual start to the winter did allow for running Christmas morning errands - coffee run —in the speedy (chilly in the high 30s, the engine always runs and sounds soooo good when it’s cold outside), and family skiing afternoon in the high 20s.

wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous, and miles of smiles filled New Years.

Lake Washington in the AM:


Snoqualmie Pass in the PM:





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