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As many of you know, I bought a 550 spyder built by a company called "CMI" back in the 1980s. They are cool because they are narrower and shorter, like the originals. However, being the knuckle-heads they were, they splashed a mold off of a wrecked 550 that was poorly repaired (see the photos!), and proceeded to remake it with the flaws. 

I bought the car from 502 Motoworks (builders of Alloy 550s) who purchased it from Russ at Fibersteel. 

After getting a new tail from Ric at Rusty Tubs, @chines1 was given the task of fitting it to the car, and shaping it. 

I'd say his team has done a pretty nice job! 

Here's the CMI car with the original (misshapen) tail (check out the wheel well, for starters):IMG_3918

Here's the tail of an original car (Ingram collection, 550--0073):


Here's what Carey has done with my car:


Here's 550-0060. The rear fender comes to a point from this angle. 


Once again, Carey captures the enigmatic shape incredibly well:



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@TRP: this car has a completely different shape from the other replicas -- it hasn't been widened or stretched at all. Given that I love originality, this car really does it for me. I'll never own a Spyder that drives better than a BECK, but this car looks super cool.

As for the plan, we are painting it French racing blue with white darts. I have alloy/steel 16" wheels made for it, and an original 420 mm Petri Banjo (not a 400mm like the Flat4 replicas). Carey has made another hard half tonneau, as well as a single plexi windscreen. 

The motor was posted here:

arajani posted:

@ALB -- YEP! Those drilled wheels are really cool. That car originally belonged to a...

I forgot to ask, Anand- are you going to be drilling holes in the wheels for this car? Knowing that it's historically correct and all, how could you not?

And I didn't say it before, but good on ya for taking the time to correct the rear fender arches. They suit the car just so much better! Al

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arajani posted:

...@ALB : The only car that had drilled wheels was 0073. The first owner of the car, Paul Sagan, did that. So to answer your question, no! I do have proper steel centered alloy 16" wheels for my car, however...


Do you know the weight difference of 1 of your steel centered/alloy rimmed wheels and an all steel 16" wheel of the same width? I'm guessing all those holes in the drilled rim pic above would also remove 1/2 or 3/4 lb/wheel- as well as being period correct, losing that much a corner would be worth doing. And all that body work around the front beam is just sic! It's looking great! Al

TRP posted:

That color is perfect. Is that the same color as the one Jerry S. sold last year?

I can't wait to see this thing when it's done. It's going to be prodigious.

@TRP: Yep! I sourced the original Glasurit paint code (from an original batch of french blue paint believe it or not), so the color should be spot on!

@Kevin - Bay Area -- I'm not far from you if you're in SF...pop down and visit for the day? Robert, Teby, Troy and I will take you out for a beer and some food. 


Looking sweet and looks like we'll both be coming in for a landing right about the same time. I love that even your headlight buckets are correct. That is dedication.

I think your "spot-on" French Blue and my "Let's just use a common Toyota color" Voodoo Blue (aka Rustoleum Sail Blue) are pretty similar, and pretty close to "correct," but I don't concede yours is righter: I mean, a lot can happen to a pigment in 63 years, and as any restorer of fine paintings will tell you, often the "right" color as seen in period is much brighter than what's on view today in a pristine, unrestored work of priceless art. ...

So it's probably best for you and I to drive our respective Spyders to Stanistan next spring and meet there with the new owner of Seinfeld's old car and a couple of PCA-certified concourse judges to hash this out. 

I'd be up for anything but a drag race . . . with that engine you're installing, your license plate could be "BLUBYU".

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