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Here is my turn signal switch. I am sorry it is hard to see because of the black and the blur.

I started with a '67 bus switch because I wanted the high beam switch.

The bus steering column tube is smaller diameter than the Beetle. I made a new column tube out of copper tubing.

Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to keep the beetle diameter.

I opened up the hole for the column tube in the signal switch housing with a 1 1/2" drum sander. Than worked OK on the switch lever side but not so well on the right side of the housing.

So, I got an early Beetle housing that would already fit the Beetle column tube. The left side of that wasn't big enough to house the switch.

So, I combined the left side of the Bus housing with the right side of the Beetle housing.


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The original 1955 356 blinker assemblies (like Gordon was mentioning) not only have the red SWF bulb/lens on the tip of the stalk, but also have ribs (for your pleasure) on the housing itself.

If anyone wants to see that original '55 blinker assembly, I have one in the display chest. Here are a couple of pics of a "back dated" early Beetle unit, which has the three ribs added, this time for my re-sale pleasure.

I made it to back date my 1965SC but sold that car.

Oh, for authenticity, the blinker housings were painted black on the early 356s. How horrible is THAT ? ! ? Just one more reason that I prefer the reproduction to the creepy original. WAY to post war Germany.
I just bought the 67' bus swithc nd the early beetle housing and so far have it ready to mount,however,does anyone have a wiring diagram of the switch? If nit,I just need to know why the "BLACK" & "BLUE" wires are on the same connector. I am assuming this is positive (+) in to the switch (?) The blck & purple is coming from the hazard switch per the 67' Bus wiring diagram. Since I am not using the same style OG flasher s the bus,it would be nteresting to see how you guys made it work. I have a ohmmeter and will probably figure this out myself,however a shortcut is always appreciated!
Keepon speed(ster)ing!!!
I think I bought my 67 bus switch from Wolfsburg West.

The bus switch had separate turn signal wires for L front, L rear, R front and R rear. I cut half of them off and have one wire for the left side and one for the right side.

Black with green stripe - right side turn signals

Black with white stripe - left side turn signals

Black - turn signal flasher

Brown - ground

Other brown (it doesn't matter which) - head light flasher relay.

I cut:

Black with purple stripe - 4 way flasher, my electronic flasher handled this.

Blue - high beam indicator - I did this another way

Black with red stripe - right rear

Black with yellow stripe - left rear

I got an early Beetle turn signal switch housing too but the left side wasn't big enough for the bus switch. So, on the left side I used the bus housing and used a drum sander to enlarge the place for the tube. On the right side I used the Beetle housing.
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