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Not mine.  Nice looking - not sure on wheels.  Just needs wiring finished - so under 40 hours!

Nice engine specs.

New built 2180 cc ......
92 mm thick wall cylinders
CB O44 heads..42 mm intakes...37.5 mm exhaust..... ported
Dual Dellorto 45's
Dry sump oil system
Runs and
Needs wiring and interior finished :: VW Classifieds - Porsche 359



1957 CMC Classic Speedster

    in Ft Walton Beach, FL

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ALL 359’s look strange………

It’s all in the wheels. It’s always the wheels. If that car had proper BBS mesh w/cooling tins, properly centered and backspaced it would look fantastic.

For that matter, it would look pretty good with the original 16” 968 C1 wheels, which are a 5 bolt version of the 959’s center lock wheels, but they’d need spacers  they’re only 7” & 8” wide.


Look at the pictures of Jimmy’s GT40 replica when he first bought it. The side that had the Halibrand repros on it looked great. The side that originally had some generic  aftermarket wheels on it screamed “KIT CAR.”

I still say a 359 sitting on one of Carey’s 904\Super Coupe frames with any number of power trains, from Boxster to LS, would be a fantastic car. Along as it had proper wheels.

ps: I’m hoping (guessing) that rear wheel well thing is just lens compression. I don’t know how you could get the chassis that far off and still have the body fit.


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