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From the looks of it, you got almost everything Andy. Should be fun, part assembly part detective thriller. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding the little bits and pieces you’re missing. Finding hinges, brackets might have been a bit more difficult, but it looks like you got all that.

How’s the carpet set? A little musty? Here’s a trick I learned from the wardrobe ladies on Beauty and the Beast: cheap vodka.

The Beast costume was basically a horsehair suit. Very hot and impossible to clean. After each performance, they spray it down with a 50/50 mix of Kamchatka vodka and distilled water. Kept it fresh as a daisy.

I’ve used it on my motorcycle leathers for years and it worked great.

I think the biggest Ozone generator I’ve used was an HP Office-sized printer.   😉

Somewhere, I have a photo of my second Speedster body sitting in the garage and almost buried under a truckload of rolls of fiberglass insulation that were going into my attic.  I’ll find it and post it.

Found it!



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