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Had issues getting my front hood latch to work consistently even with adjustment of post.  Finally figured out my spare tire seemed to be interfering with the hood and hood latch connection due to inadequate clearance between the spare and interior surface of the hood.  I even moved the spare and slanted it as best as I could in its wheel well but still had clearance issues. The clearance is even more marginalized when you put air in the spare.  I removed the spare and so far the hood latch is working perfectly.  I am glad to have a full spare as back-up but intend to try and find a lower profile spare that will fit and limp me home; we'll see. Not saying all the hood latch issues I'm reading about have the spare as the source cause but in my case it seems to be the issue.

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@Helga Speedster

The recommendation from @WOLFGANG is the solution I used for my spare tire.

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Chances are that the tires on your car (and the spare) may be bigger (wider) than 145x15.

I have wide tires on my car (185x60x15 on 5" rims). The tire size I needed for the spare to fit was 145 x 15 on a 4.5" rim. Your current spare tire rim may already be 4.5" wide.  And you will see on the enlarged pic, I had the spare inverted in the trunk space and used the space in the rim to store basic emergency items.

Hope you find this info helpful!



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