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One of the two screws that hold the face of my Spyder's speedometer dropped out last weekend. I just noticed today, looked down and saw the face jiggling as I drove. It's hard to see the ODO now too. Looks like the little numbers are hiding behind the mullions.

N. Hollywood Speedometers put this gauge together for me in 2017. It's been installed and operating flawlessly since mid 2020.

Opinions wanted: Should I send this back to Hartmut?

If I do should he fix it gratis?

If he doesn't offer to make it right should I just DIY it?



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It would probably take them ten minutes to open it and fix it. I'd be willing to wager they'll take care of you, minus shipping.

I opened a 911 speedo for a friend and fixed the broken trip odometer many years ago. You couldn't tell, and yes, it was very tedious. I cut into the crimp ring/bezel a touch with a Dremel which made it easier to get off and back on.

I epoxied the nylon gears to the shaft that were slipping.

Considering another recent post:  where the Speedster folks lament the necessity of taking a lot of these after-market parts meant to work with the cars and rebuilding them properly with better materials and parts.  The builders do this routinely, and so do the unwashed masses who post here.  We should be very grateful for No Hollywood and folks of their ilk, who know their stuff upside down and backwards.  i sent them my very crappy Chinese tach straight away after recp't of the car to receive a proper VDO transplant, which of course they did.  Side note: I complained about the crappy tach to JPS and he agreed to pay for the VDO transplant.

They received it Friday afternoon. The lady working on it called me to ask what the mileage was; I told her it should be right there & leave it set to whatever it shows. Then I emailed the best latest pic I had of the thing to make sure. Looks like 8877?

UPS indicated tracking number Monday noon. I'm supposed to get it Friday.

I asked them to throw in one of those tiny knurled trip reset knobs if they have one, and charge me whatever the going price is, but I've heard nothing about it so expect they didn't have one handy. No matter, the cable works OK without that part.

Looking forward to seeing it again.

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