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As the caravan grows I will add names to this list.
Others are going to meet us at the Del Coronado but will not be caravaning down.

Wow! take a look at the event list this is going to be a car show.

Vince M 99VS..
Glenn P 93IM..
Joe L 02 VS..
Dan P 01 VS..
Mike C Spyder..
Mike M 04JPS..
Chuck F VS..
Andrew T 74 CMC..
Antonio B VS..
Nick M VS..
David S 2000VS..
Jason Mordoh 02JPS...
Bert Fenenga Spyder..
Kevin M 97 Beck Spyder..
Dal Lee 91 Beck Spyder..
Jon L 98 V Spyder..
John M 02 V Spyder..
Joe M 97 V Spyder..


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  • delprop

That photo is of the Hotel Del Coronado. It's located in San Diego CA. Considered to be one of the finest hotels in CA... Also considered to be one of the most haunted locations in the world. Many visitors have stated that they have seen ghosts. (No, not a BS story but considered by many ghost investigators to be a real active ghost hangout)
Upper 80s today in Cali I almost want to jump in the car and take a long drive down south. But work calls and I have to go in. I was just thinking how nice it will be to meet all of you. I will post all the rest of the information regarding the run to Coronado Bay this week so keep an eye out.
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