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Here are some of the parts that come with the package.

All New Parts from Special Edition:

Set of VDO Gauges/w fuel, oil, GPS sender
Door Handles /w keys
Wiper arms
Beck Engine Grill /w Rubber Gasket
Interior Door Handles
GT Mirrors L & R with all Hardware
Fiberglass License Plate

All New Parts from Vintage Motors:

550 Pedal Set/w Aluminum Pedal Covers
Vintage Speed 11.5” Shifter

New Fuel Tank from JBugs

2165 Motor with A1 Stainless Exhaust with MSD
Wiring Harness
Steering Column
New Crow 4 Point Harness for Driver & Passenger
New German Blinker & High Beam Assembly

Custom Fiberglass with Roll Bar, Fiberglass Tonneau cover with Head Rest,Bumpers,
Black Convertible top with Sid Windows, with seats,and Door Interior, eye brow, carpet,
Extra Leather

Chassis with Mendeola Front & Rear suspension Drilled Disc Brakes
17” Wide Five Wheels from Airkewld with Porsche Hub Caps

I Know I’m Forgetting Some Stuff, Forgive Me

Price:  $ 28000.00

PM me for any Questions 47E47A2E-0235-4E58-91F3-149481B84462DFA0CB2D-35FD-4BA8-81CD-AE4B1FF5638114CF2573-AA48-49D7-B25E-C0C90A23F747A16A8E49-6E42-429D-9906-5D3043DC8C76B76EA78F-2204-47A9-8742-784A0DCA61A697BBAB11-D4F6-4E81-AAC2-B7C626CB1BDA


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