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@DannyP once I get it down I will see if I need to trim anything thank you.
@MusbJim I can’t wait to get it on the road. 1 month.

@Stan Galat the wife 5’s look way better

@aircooled I got 15x5.5 all around from mobelwagen my spare has a nick on it out of the box so hopefully they replace because 60 day warranty has passed. Keep you guys posted on that. I also installed front brakes with 2.5 inch drop spindles.  Hoping it all fits. Might drop it off the jack stands this weekend to make sure it’s all good.

Thank you everyone and @Robert M i prefer wide 5's over 5 wives.  @VSpyder thank you for clearing it up.  Glad it's just a test fit only.  I have 3 days off so i plan to get a lot done considering it will be raining here for the next week.  

I don't run drumskins any more. But when I did, Greg is right, the open ones go on the rear. The other ones look good with a black painted center replicating a grease cap.

I'm sure it's the last of your worries at this time.


I thought i would give a little progress update since i am finally online again.  I am dividing my work between the spyder and an original 1970 Meyers Manx.  

I got all new fuel lines and brake hoses installed.  I decided to install a new master cylinder since the old one looked pretty beat up.  Strange for a car with only 3K miles on it.  I installed the cable shifter and got it adjusted.  But still need to take it on the road to fine tune it.  I made some cuts to my drum skins so hopefully they look good once they are installed.  

I am waiting on new turn signal lights to come in.

Need to install hood and bonnet straps.

Bleed the brakes and the clutch

Adjust the gas tank

And i just posted that my steering wheel has a lot of free play and i noticed there is no bushing on the inside.  So i need to find the correct bushing to install with a new banjo steering wheel i got.

Thank you everyone.  It's getting close to done.  Just waiting on seats to get upholstered.  I am hoping first week of April i am on the road. Seats will be the biggest delay most likely.

Are those 5.5” wheels on the front? The offset looks the same as the rears.

btw, I watched a Road Scholar video the other day that had a few original cars in it and one 550A has belts on the frunk by the windshield and an Roadster America had belts on the lower edge of its frunk.

eta: I just sa2 you had 5.5” all around. From what iv3 heard, 5.5” are going to be a problem on the front. Especially with a standard beam.  


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Raffi, like you, I just bought a TR that’s needing plenty of fiddling to get right again. Mine was built in 2009, but it only had 575 miles on the clock, so it sat around a lot.

I’m converting from 4 lug to Wide 5 x 205, and I see you’ve got wheel skins installed.  Are these skins from Fibersteel?  And, did you have any issues getting them to fit over those hubs with raised star pattern?  Any modifications necessary?

Hi John, first off congratulations.  I would definitely go through and change all the fuel lines to new rubber.  Changing 4 lug to 5 lug wasn't too bad.  I also ended up putting in a new master cylinder while I was doing it all.  If you read my previous posts you saw that i had to move my caliper position to get it to fit with the shocks.  But to answer your question about the wheel skins, i think i bought them from CB performance.  I did cut them because they were hitting my rotors.  But if you look close i cut them more than most people.  I wanted the slots on the wheel open.  I think most people extend to cover those slots.  I don't know if it makes sense.

If you have any questions on anything i am happy to help.


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Raffi, thank you, Sir.  Yes — I read all of your posts before bothering you with a question, and thanks for the tip about the fuel lines. 😉  Also, thanks for the information about the skins at CB, as I only saw them on Fibersteel.  

I keep looking at these hubs with the raised, star pattern, and it just looks like the wheel skins won’t fit flush against them, causing a problem.  But, with your experience, I’m guessing they don’t.  

On another note, I’ve got the same seats as you, and I’m going to reupholster them, too.  And, put them on adjustable tracks. Looking forward to seeing your results!

Thank you, Sir!

I was so excited to get going that I purchased a set of EMPI wide 5 wheels a month ago.  But, I've been in a holding pattern on getting them mounted because of my chin scratching on the lug conversion thing (and everything else that needed fixing.)  I need to do it now!  ;-)

I'll try and post some pictures today -- both from when I got it at the beginning of March and from now. 

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