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Finally got some time to work on the Spyder parking brake hand lever and floor mounts we are getting ready to launch soon.


These WILL NOT be a replica of the exact originals... reason being, that's old technology which is outdated and junk. Fibersteel makes a decent copy as well as some other companies, if you would like one, PM me and I can get one on order for you.


The Seduction Motorsports parking brake will be universal to a Spyder and also will work in a Speedster. The overall unit is a slight bigger surface, a little thicker stainless steel which is waterjetted and CNC'd rather than plasma cut with mild steel like the others on the market. Ours will come either polished or raw Mil-finished, everything will be TIG welded, not brazed or tack welded with MIG like the others. All hardware will be stainless, everything will be included for installation. Also unlike the original and other copies on the market.... ours will have a lock out spring loaded safety lock and extra teeth on the locking mechanism to work as a fail safe. No corners are being cut on this project, you will not be disappointed.


We will offer as an option will be the universal floor mounting bracket. It as well will be stainless steel, TIG welded, mounted to the floor using grade 10.9 stainless button head cap screws. Nothing will rust out, no cheap powder coat, you can leave them raw, media blasted finish, or completely polished with exposed TIG welds (rainbow effect), rainbow effect can also be removed if you desire a more simple look. Personally... I think exposed is like a fine piece of jewelry or artwork.


What we have, more images to come. Pictures of the finished product to come soon.


Let me know what you guys think!








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