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@550 Phil posted:

dlearl476 do you have a link for that tire size calculator. I want to know the true size of the sprint classic front tires. The true diameter to be exact so I can compare to diameter of current Kuhmo tires. I really don’t have much room to spare.

This is the one I use. I like the pictures.

But one thing to keep in mind is those stats are “industry standards.” All three tires I’ve used on my Smart, the Vredesteins and Conti summer and winter Contacs were all just a little bit different. I can tell when they’re side by side on my tire rack. The only way to be absolutely certain is to physically measure mounted and inflated tires. Maybe someone here can measure their Sprint classics.

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To echo Stan's comments, just go to the TR(Tire Rack) site. It's all there.

It's not generic information like from the tire size calculators. They are useful, and I use them too. There are a few out there. If you do a search for tire size calculator, they magically come up.

Way back on page 1 of this thread, LI Rick specifically listed the measurements of the Sprint Classic in 175/70 and 185/70R15,  garnered from the TR website.

So these are the numbers if I go with the sprint classics. The width is irrelevant since both classics will be skinnier tires. All I care about is diameter
Front:  Going from 185/65 15 to 175/70 15 will increase the tire diameter by 4mm.
Rear:  Going from 205/60 15 to 185/70 15 will increase tire diameter by 13mm.
Does anyone think that this will make a big difference in clearance. Front is my biggest concern. Probably won’t make a big difference since it’s only 2mm on each side of the tire. Will there be any problem with the skinnier rear tires fitting on the rims?  Vintage 190s are 4.5” in front and 5.5” in the rear.

@550 Phil I have Vred Sprint Classics 165/80s on both front (4.5-inch) and rear (5.5) Vintage 190s rims. They fit on both, but it was a challenge for the guy who mounted them to stretch them to the rear wheels. Yours will be easier as they range up to a 6-inch wheel.

My tires are: Section width 6.6 inches, tread width 4.5 inches, diameter 25.4 inches

The 175/70s are: Section width 7 inches, tread width 5 inches, diameter 24.7 inches

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On a Vintage(no knowledge of Beck or TR, and it doesn't matter to PHIL anyway), they will fit.

I do know the 185/70R15 will rub in the front(on a 2001 Vintage), which is why I recommended the 175/70. Since it's 4mm in diameter bigger or 2mm from axle to top of tire than a 185/65 I think that's nothing to worry about. The 175/70 is shorter than a 165/80(Ed's example) for sure by about 10mm per section, or 20mm in diameter(3/4"). If 165/80 fits surely the 175/70 will, and it shouldn't rub if your current tires don't now.

The rear has more clearance in diameter than it does in width, so since you're going from a 205 section width to a 185 it will be fine. There is a VERY slim possibility(5%?) that you will have to raise the rear a touch, which is SUPER easy with coilovers. But I seriously doubt it.

I'd love to get some feedback on these tires from you, Phil.

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