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Day 1:


Left my house at about 1:30 PM, hoping to avoid massive thunderstorms brewing in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. I decided to leave a day early, and take the southern route (I70) through Missouri and Kansas, hoping to skirt the storm to the south. I didn't get everything together until after noon, but decided to take off anyhow, and see if I could beat the formation in Kansas.


Here I am, full of hope:


The next shot is only an hour from my house, but not every power station has Lincoln's head on it, so there's that:



Day 1.2


State Line #1 (Missouri) was crossed at the 2-1/2 hour mark:



Day 1.3


... whereupon, the first of a couple of "unintended breaks" was taken by the side of the road. I don't care how much Danny P. loves his hex bar-- when I get back he can have mine. Actually, each stop only took 15 min or so, as I have a full bevy of spares and tools. Here's the car, luxuriating by the side of I270W:



Day 1.4


Missouri was uneventful, and a "brisk" pace, but weather was brewing ahead:



Day 1.1


The trouble started at Kansas. I70 rolls straight through downtown Kansas City, and turns into a toll road at the line, and runs that way until Topeka. I elected to be a tight-wad and take a bypass, and a really cool state route. The bypass had construction, and the state route dumped my on the front steps of the U of Kansas in Lawrence. I lost what I believe to be a solid hour or so, hanging out with the Jayhawks. It was the beginning of second half of the first day. Here's the Kansas line:



Day 1.5


At Topeka, my luck ran out. Big 'ol drops started hitting my forehead, so I ducked under an overpass and put the top up. At that point, the sky ripped in half, and all of heave's water dumped out over the next 60 miles. It was extreme enough that people were stopped IN THEIR LANES (with their flashers courteously flashing). I wanted to get through it, so I drove until I didn't feel safe any more, and stopped at a fabulous to average Motel 6 in lovely Junction City, Kansas.


I've got no pictures of Noah's flood, as I was otherwise occupied staying alive. I'm hoping this will pass through in the night, but I grabbed a space under the fabulous to average entrance to park the speedster. "Richard" said it'd be good. We'll see.


Gordon wanted pictures, so here they are. Day 1. More to follow.

"BlazeCut®(TM) woulda' saved it!!"


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Hey Stan, my wife and I are off on a road trip this week too.

Unfortunately, the IM is still in the shop, so we'll have to take another vehicle.  Not as much fun as the IM, but I can pack my mountain bike and the dogs get to come along too.

I'll be following your progress whenever I find a free Wifi.





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Today was a good day.


When we left our intrepid traveler-- he was snug in a Motel 6, somewhere in central Kansas. The speedster had plowed (not so happily) through Rainageddon, and he didn't make it as far as he had hoped.


The plan for today was to "make it up". It's good to have a plan, even if it's flexible.


The plan was to get to the junction of I70 and I15 in Utah, which is about 925 mi. I woke up about 5:30 CDT to clear weather. I checked the maps and I was on the back side of the system. The sad news was that the storm had broken in half, and parted around I80 like it was the Red Sea (which it looked like on the radar) and I80 was Moses and the children of Israel.


Anyhow, I wasn't on 80. I was on 70. I70 in western Kansas and eastern Colorado is not going to make anybody's travel guide. I resorted to taking pictures of grain elevators. They started out mighty in Kansas, and ended up pretty pathetic by Denver. See:







Anyhow, it took 'til 1:00 or after to get to Denver. Here's a state-line picture to prove I was there:





I've never been on I70 west of Denver. Eating lunch, I decided I was never going to do 70 again, as I find Nebraska much better than Kansas. Just outside Denver, 70 starts heading up, and I start thinking, "well, this is pretty OK". But it was only starting. I70 between Denver and... well... where I am tonight (Selena, Utah) was amazing. It's a stinking INTERSTATE highway, and it was astounding.









I crossed into Utah about an hour and a half before sunset:





Everything east of Green River is "OK", but nothing like what I had just been through. The sun started setting as I pulled out of a gas stop in Green River, and the landscape went nuts:








So anyhow, that's Day 2 in the books. Day 3's plan is to get to Chico, CA, to visit an old and dear friend before Jeanie flies out.



Day 3


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Bob, you're absolutely right.  


It was Jim who took that first step (or maybe, "Rolled that first mile"?) for the rest of us and showed us that these little cars really COULD do long distance trips.....reliably, too.


Now, a bunch of people have been doing long-haul trips and having a great time (and the rest of us, right along with them via their photos.)


Pretty cool hobby (and group, too), isn't it?


Chico, CA!

My home town. Grew up there, left in 1996. Only been back a handful of times since then. A good friend still owns several restaurants / bars there. If you're in the area, visit the Madison Bear Garden (aka "The Bear") - I spent 4 years tending bar there while earning my undergraduate degree. 

This is a rough week in Chico, as today is the first day of the new school year.

Have fun and be safe!

Loving this. I really want to do it in Bridget too --Coast-to-coast. Karen and I drove to Boulder last year in her Toyota and, man, that I-70 stretch from, oh let's say, Ohio to Denver is pretty brute.


We overnighted in Kansas City, enjoyed some BBQ with a friend of mine and it was still a long, long slog even in an A/C car, closed up.


Seeing a Speedsterster do it is inspiring and a little scary.


No Motel 6 report. Here I sit, poolside in beautiful Chico, CA, after a good meal and a night on a nice soft bed. I pulled in to Joel Schlotz's digs yesterday evening at about 7:00 PDT or so.


As you may recall, Labor Day was 925 mi. (+/-), and I stayed at a Rodeway Inn in Selena, UT at the junction of I70 and US50. US50 is called "the loneliest road in America"-- with a name like that, I had to give it a try.


The Loneliest Road in America" is a big title to live up to. It's a BIG country, and there are lots and lots of places without very many people. A substantial quorum of those places are in Utah and Nevada, and US50 does seem to do a good job of skirting the places where people might be hiding. 50 in Utah/Nevada is a series of long straight shots across desert valleys, and up and over passes. Lots and lots of passes. Services are every 100 mi or so.











So, anyhow I got across Utah and Nevada with great haste and prejudice. I was  a l m o s t  to I80 just before Reno, when Johnny Law decided I'd had enough fun for one day: 75 in a 65. You've got to be kidding me.






Anyhow, I proceeded across the line into California at the ridiculous posted speed limit (65? You're kidding, right?), proceeded down SR20 to the Sacramento Valley and up to Chico.











All tolled, about 710 mi (+/-) yesterday, and about 2400 for the trip out. It was another good day.


I pick Jeanie up in San Jose on Friday, and then on to Monterey, etc!




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