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Met up with the Plastic Porsches Group ( @Jon T @jncspyder @Colorjockey and 4 others) last Sunday for a beautiful December drive through Malibu & Topanga Canyons and along the coast with stops at the Malibu Marketplace and Point Mugu.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Relive Video


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@Idaho the Meissen blue car belongs to Nick (@NTrav). The car had that bra when he bought the car slightly used (I believe Troy was involved with the sale, but I don’t think Troy owned it?).  At some point, Nick took his car to Greg at VMC for some service.  Greg liked the bra and had his upholsterer make a pattern so that Greg could add this style bra as an offering (he cleaned up Nick’s slightly worn bra as a thank you).  

I don’t know if Greg followed through with his plan to actually have some made but it may be worth a call.


@Idaho posted:

Looks grand.  Do you happen to know if the bra on the light blue car is a standard 356 one available through different suppliers, or a custom, local item?  I'd like to get one.  Jealous of the weather, had snow on the ground in Boise this morning.   Idaho.


Nick Travassaros (SOC @NTrav ) owns that light blue Speedster. Nick asked me where I got that smaller bra, and I told him that was one I got from Kirk Duncan of Vintage Speedster before he sold the company (which the new owner moved the company to Arizona...and has since filed bankruptcy).

I was not using that particular bra since I purchased a standard bra from @IaM-Ray, so I gave Nick my Kirk Duncan bra. Apparently Greg at VMC replicated that smaller bra to add to his options list.

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