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I doubt you guys love these as much as I do, but what a car.  My first or second year wandering around Lime Rock I spotted one—looked just like this one—and was awestruck. No idea what it was. Just an absolute jewel.

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It sure doesn't scream "I'm from 1937" - kind of a timeless body style much like the 356, Morgan +4, Jaguar XKE, and the Jauguar x120/140.  All look like they spent days in a modern wind tunnel perfecting a low coefficient of friction.

More a piece of artwork --- that slip screams down the road. A Talbot Lago replica equipped with a V8 LS3 6.2 engine from the Corvette, which develops 430hp and 575 Nm of torque.  Is mated to either a 4L65 automatic transmission or a T56 six-speed manual and is adapted to current emissions regulations.  With Wildwood brakes. It maintains all the original character on an aesthetic level, with modern mechanics that remain "invisible".

Sounds like I need to add a "local" FL trip to Lauderdale soon!

I came pretty close to buying a TL America at one point when I had more money than brains. Luckily, I realized that the $25K purchase price was a drop in the bucket to what it would eventually cost. It was at least a running/driving survivor, though.

ps: $200K for a fiberglass replica is crazy. 917s and GT40s are half that. And better cars.


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Agree on the interior. It's close though. With a bigger streering wheel and some parchment faced gauges it'd be much closer to right. Should be a split bench seat as well.

Real deal:


Being me...I'd also consider replacing the small block Ford with a 250 L6 Chebby engine with 3 1bbls. No one knows the original engines in these cars but you know me.

Original Talbot Lago engine:

Cliffordified Chevy 6:

update: here's the one I saw at Lime Rock. That was in 2015:

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