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Time to sell... I just don't drive the car very much (9,000 miles in 20 some years!), and my wife pretty much refuses to get in anymore (medical issues and too small/low).

Looking for suggestions on where to post? What to ask?

All thoughts, comments and advice is welcome !

1641cc, front Disc, 13" wheels, and a Whale tale is included. Euro tail light lenses. 9,000 miles. Everything is in good operating condition and runs well. Windshield is cracked, but new one included.



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Valuations are on the rise for the classic body style Speedster. However, flared fender speedsters usually value at quite a bit less ( limited market) than the more desirable classic body style, The 13" wheels and tires (?) are undesirable as they had 205 50 15 and  225 50 15's.  Providing the chassis is rust free, the gel coat is in good condition as well as the engine, electrical, interior top side curtains etc. I would value the Speedster at $18k - $21k.

Ebay will be your best opportunity, Do a classified ad with your price rather than an auction.

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