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Aren't these VW hub adapters not generally standard? I'm trying to adapt a banjo wheel, and I am on my 2nd adapter. Granted I didn't have much $ in them, I guessed the adapters would be similar in 3 bolt pattern for the wheels. Sounds like many wheels have many patterns or is it my bad luck ? ;)
1956 CMC(Speedster)
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I took the one used on 66 beetle and lathed it to what I wanted. I used my old old drill press and a hack saw and a file to re shape it and i even cut a recess in the bottom to install the horn ring in..It took a long while but I got exzactly what I wanted .

Find a skilled machinest with a lathe. and study it for a while like I did. heck if one of the adapters you have are close just re drill for your banjo pattern ruff it up like i did and coat it with fiberglass, to make it match perfect to the shape you want. build it up to the right shape .

Most likely your gonna paint it to match the wheel and switch anyway and it takes and holds paint better. fiber glass bonds well to alumium.
But paints and even the green alumium primmers don't . might have one they offer the banjo wheel.. I did this back in 2002.. Ask them if they offer a kit for a 67 or 68 bus thats the best old style lookin switch..


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I have that same wheel and center cap. I think I'll like it. My wife and I are medium height, so leg clearance with a 1" larger wheel should not be a problem. I have access to a lathe, I think I'll just do what you did.. make it. I would have just figured that these wheels would be like a US car. For example, every Grant GT wheel VS Dino, etc, have all shared a common 3 bolt with the same spacing. No big deal, just kind of suprised they arent more universal.
Im 5 ft 7 . The leg room is a real plus. I like that..

Study it carefully , Plan the final shape you want ,If your not sure? Make a mock up out of a pine 2x6 scrap and mount the wheel with wood screws to test fit it . then you can see better what your needs will be and get a free pattern to go by and improve it before you cut up your aluminum spool with the spline..

Pay close attencion to your knuckle room at the dash eyebrow. 4 inches or more worked good for me.. depending on the size of your hands.. Take your time. If I can do it on the first shot I don't see how you can go wrong if you do a mock up first'

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